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Training Jack Russel Terrier Tips


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The Jack Russell's expressive face and quick intelligence has made this terrier breed a beloved pet, and one of the most popular choices of dog to appear in movies and television shows. But this pint sized pooch can be strong willed and stubborn so a Jack Russell that is poorly trained can turn an entire human household upside down. The first thing any new Jack Russell terrier owner should know is that you have a long road of training ahead of you in order to establish yourself as the master of the house and the leader to your new dog. If you don't start your training of this breed from the very first day he comes into your life, you will have problems getting him to obey some of the most very basic commands. Take a look at these training tips for a Jack Russel terrier that will guarantee your dog grows up to be the perfect family companion.

Persistence in Rules

The high energy and natural intelligence of the Jack Russell breed can sometimes lead to a stubborn streak that can make training your pet more difficult. The naturally rebellious nature of these dogs compels them to try to “do their own thing" and work against your commands, even once they've taken the time to learn the rules. This is why it is so crucial to stay steady with the terrier and discipline him for negative behaviors or praise him whenever he obeys you. With time and patience, most Jack Russells will eventually learn to listen to their owners and become loving members of the family. Just don't ever forget for a moment that the number one rule of your house is that you must be consistent in enforcing the rules of the house.

Natural-born Instincts

Jack Russell terriers are born with incredibly powerful hunting instincts that could result in their attacking the family cat or running away from home to pursue a smell. Properly training your Jack Russell will help your pet curb these impulses but can never completely reverse the instinct to chase. As a rule, this will denote having the terrier on a leash while you are out on walks and ensuring that the yard is totally sealed off. Due to the fact that these dogs are notorious diggers, it would be wise to assess the borders of your yard to ensure your dog isn't able to run away. Also keep in mind that Jack Russell terriers have been known to chase other small pets like gerbils or hamsters and so keeping them in separate areas of the house may help prevent any unfortunate accidents when these two encounter each other.

Training your Jack Russell could be a more time consuming and trying experience than with other dog breeds, but the benefits of having a docile dog are numerous. These little terriers are filled with aptitude and character, and most of them are incredibly loyal to their masters. When a Jack Russell terrier is properly trained, you can be sure that he will please and regale your loved ones for a very long time.

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