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Stop dogs jumping tips


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Of course, any dog owner knows that there are plenty of irritating things your pooch can do. It is a fact that a dog receives less attention as an adult than as a puppy, and undesirable behaviors which were allowed to continue may become more of a problem when the dog is left to his own devices. Probably foremost among these annoyances which owners want to correct is excessive barking. Barking is not necessarily a danger to anyone coming to your door, but it can become an extremely unpleasant situation. On the other hand, visitors greeted with a dog jumping up on them are not only bothered by the behavior, but they can be injured by it as well.

Why the Behavior and How to Correct It?

The main reason for a dog jumping up on you is simply to show her affection, and to express how excited she is to see you. Another cause for this can be that your pooch is simply bored and is looking to you something to do. Your dog could possibly even be trying to establish dominance over visitors. Although we may enjoy the affection and excitement of our favorite pet, we certainly never want muddy paws on our favorite pair of jeans, nor does anyone wish to be inadvertently tackled to the ground. This becomes obviously clear and pertinent in the home with small kids and older folk that may sustain serious injury from a dog jumping up on them.

Of course, as with any training, it is easiest to stop a dog from jumping up when she is still just a pup. Jumping up should never be given positive attention, as this only praises the dog for his behavior. The owner must be constant in his efforts to stop the dog from jumping up on people, as just one instance of attention for the behavior will encourage it further. The dog must be aware that there is only one way to receive affection, which is by exhibiting satisfactory behavior. The owner must be careful not to send the dog unclear signals. He cannot give attention to the dog when he jumps on him or other members of the family, but discipline the dog when he exhibits the same behavior on a guest. Your dog should always show the same behaviors to you as she is expected to act in the presence of visitors.

The best way to stop your dog from jumping up is to position yourself facing away from her when she tries, not giving the dog any eye contact. Absolutely no ontact should be resumed until after the dog has entirely calmed down. The owner should issue a command, like sit, in order to stop the dog from jumping up on people. The dog will learn to become focused on the command, leaving him less interest in the negative behavior. This is a great way for your dog to maintain good behavior to get the affection she craves, rather than jumping up to get it.

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