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Know These Rules When Your Rent A Pet Friendly Apartment


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When you are considering moving into your new apartment home with a pet, there are several things you will need to be familiar with to assist you make your move more comfortable and time efficient. We come across many apartment seekers who have wasted hours of their time, who were not aware of apartment rules regarding their pets.

One must also realize that the majority of apartment communities will accept dogs and cats. If you have something more exotic you will need to speak with the leasing agent or manager on the premises. Here are a few bits of information that will help you with the entire process.

Pet Rent

Many properties today are beginning to charge pet rent. This is a rent in addition the monthly rent you pay for yourself. We have seen many properties charge as much as $20 per month. But there are probably some that charge even more. Many renters are very angry at the thought of paying rent for their pet. But there are hundreds of apartments in the Houston area to choose from.

Pet Deposit

Most apartment complexes will allow up to 2 pets per apartment unit. Expect to pay for 2 pet deposits if you bring two pets with you. Pet deposits can cost as much as $500 per pet. And be sure to ask your leasing agent what portion of this is refundable. If your pet scratches the wood flooring, makes a mess on the carpet, or causes some other sort of damage not specified here, expect to lose a portion or all of your pet deposit.

What is Your Dog’s Breed

The majority of apartment communities will reject your pet if it is classified as an aggressive breed. This includes a Doberman or German Shepherd. If you have questions contact the property on the phone or via email to address your concerns. Under no circumstances will they accept your pet. The liability is just too great. Many renters will state that their pet is sweet and has never bitten anyone. This will not work.

If you have an aggressive breed try renting a private home or duplex where you can discuss the situation with the owner. They might be willing to listen to you about the history of your pet.

Please read more about pet friendly League City apartments . There are many great Cypress apartments that will accept your pets too.


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