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Stinky Dog Solutions - Dog Grooming Products


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Nobody likes a stinky dog and everybody hates it when their dog goes running around the house covered in mud. Don't you just hate it when they jump up on you lap and ruin your pants? When you wake up to the terrible smell of their mouths? Or scratch you with their dirty nails? Despite the fact that they can get quite repulsive, we still put up with them cause we love these creatures. They're our best friend - that's why it is necessary that we keep them clean. Like a baby that can't do anything for itself, it's our duty to get the job done for them.

It's for everybody's own good. Dog food is not the only thing that your pet will need. It will also need hygienic maintenance. Grooming is an important ritual that all pet owners should observe. It's a good thing man invented dog grooming products - our 2nd best friend. A comb or brush will be necessary for maintaining its coat. This is most especially necessary for dogs with long hair. This kind of breed usually needs daily brushing. As for the ones with short hair, they won't need much. Another thing that your pet will require is dog soap. You just can't use laundry soap on the dog.

It doesn't contain any chemicals that can kill the fleas and ticks. Not only that, it can damage its coat. That's why professionals formulated a special kind of soap that is strong enough to kill fleas and ticks, but is gentle on dog coats. Use soap made for dogs only. Nothing else. Dog grooming products also include shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo removes dirt from the fur, making it clean and shiny. Conditioner is used for giving more “body" to the fur, and giving it extra shine. It also makes it softer and smoother. Some pet owners use scissors to cut their dog's hair when it gets too long.

You may attempt to do so too if your confident you can. After bathing the dog, you might want to use a towel to gently pat excess water from its fur. Do not rub its coat too hard - strands of hair will fall of if too much force is exerted. These are the basic dog grooming products you will need for taking care of your pet's fur. For its nails, you will need a nail clipper. Again, the kind that is specially made for dogs. For its ears, pet shops sell liquid solutions that are used to cleanse and disinfect the ears.

Other solutions are capable are preventing wax build-up, odor control, and inflammation. As for the eyes, other products are also available that can remove discharge from your pets eyes - can be used daily or as needed. Bad breath is also a problem. Luckily some pet shops offer dental products to combat the repulsive smell and kill bacteria in the process. Build-up of bacteria in the mouth is not good. It can spread to other organs in the body and cause other diseases. Preventing this problem is better than treating it when it gets worse. So a dental kit should be necessary.

All the dog grooming products mentioned above can be found in pet shops and in online catalogs.

The author of this article Alex De La Cruz is a Dog Trainer who has been successful with several dog training courses for many years. Alex decided to share his knowledge and tips through his website . You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.


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