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Canine Osteosarcoma Or Canine Bone Cancer Symptoms


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Osteosarcoma dogs or bone cancer in dogs develops inside the bone and grows out as the cancer progresses in stages, so the bone dies from the inside. This can attach to any bone, but limbs are the most affected.

Osteosarcoma dogs run in family lines, and these dogs just have a genetic predisposition to it. Other dogs could even have abnormalities that attract the cancers where radiation or chemicals as well as metal implants and such have been used.

Symptoms of Canine Osteosarcoma

When the condition moves forward in stages, it will become more painful for your dog and the affected area will swell and become lame. Early stages show lameness occurs only sometimes, but over time it will take place for longer periods.

Your Dog's Diagnosis

If any of the prior discussed symptoms are seen, you should always take him or her directly to your vet's office for testing. X-rays of the affected area will be taken, and in rare cases there will be a bone biopsy done to give a definitive diagnosis. This is rarely done because of the pain and anesthesia involved.

Treatment of Canine Osteosarcoma

The osteosarcoma has to be treated immediately to ensure that the tumor doesn't spread. Medications will be given for pain, and the possibility of amputation may be needed if there is too much pain involved. However, this can be avoided if the bone can be replaced and then radiation and chemo are given for longer term treatment. There are natural alternatives that work will with conventional medicine.

Janet Markowitz has been a German Shepherd Breeder for over 20 years. She has always been interested in using natural and holistic remedies for her Shepherds whenever possible. She has found that by using natural Remedies in conjunction with conventional medicine, she has achieved great success in the health and longevity in her dogs.


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