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Puppy Urinary Tract Infections - 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Puppy Has a Recurrent UTI

Kate Rieger

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Puppy urinary tract infections are a nuisance to say the least. First, your house gets smelly and dirty because your puppy urinates all over the place. Second, your sweet pup is suffering from the discomfort caused by a puppy urinary tract infection. It's important to understand what could be causing your puppy's UTI in order to figure out an effective treatment plan.

Here are 5 possible reasons why your puppy keeps getting those annoying urinary infections.

First, dry dog food is cheap. Price may drive your purchase, but if the food contributes to a urinary tract infection puppy disorder you'll be paying the vet to treat your dog. Dry dog food is mostly grain/carbohydrate based, meaning the ratio of grain to meat is simply too high. Grains will change the pH balance of your puppy's bladder and make it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Always give your dog meat/poultry based food. Your best bet is to give your pup raw meat. It may seem costly but if you consider the fact that you won't be making all of those visits to the vet to treat a urinary tract infection puppy care with natural, healthy food is not all that bad of a deal.

Second, puppy urinary tract infections can be caused by hormonal changes, particularly in young bitches. The body's pH balance can change due to hormonal imbalance, making it easier for bacteria to flourish. You should get your puppy spayed before she comes into cycle. That will eliminate the hormonal conflict and you can promote good health by giving your puppy a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies promote overall good health and maintain a strong, healthy bladder and urinary tract.

Third, when it comes to urinary tract infection puppy care that is basic and essential is providing plenty of fresh, clean water. When puppies don't drink enough water, their urine thickens. This makes it easier for bacteria to grow in the urinary tract and causes puppies to become more prone to bacterial infections.

Fourth, you might think you are doing your dog a favor by giving him vitamin and mineral supplements or mineral-packed dog food but you are actually doing him harm. Puppy urinary tract infections can be caused by mineral supplementation because these minerals cause an imbalance of the body's natural body chemistry. Have a look at your dog's food packaging and make sure that the minerals are not derived from oxides. Oxides are crude forms of minerals and can do more damage than good.

Fifth, poor sources of protein can also be the underlying cause of your puppy's urinary infections. Generally commercial dog food is of poor quality so synthetic amino acid supplements have to be added in order to make the proteins complete. These synthetic ingredients don't sit well and can cause pH imbalance and welcome unwanted bacteria.

As you can probably tell, a good diet is the backbone of UTI prevention in puppies. Puppy urinary tract infections are a lot easier to prevent if you understand the common causes. These are easy preventive treatments to implement since they have to do with promoting a proper diet and lifestyle.

To ensure that your puppy stays healthy and infection free, follow this advice and give him a homeopathic remedy. Taking these simple steps will almost guarantee that your puppy remains healthy and free of infections for years to come.

Kate Rieger is partnered with the Kentucky S. N. I. P clinic and together they provide affordable solutions for pet owners in the Kentuckiana region. Visit Kate's site today to learn more about a natural remedy for treating puppy urinary tract infections and discover how to naturalize your pet care today. Pick up more free tips to at today.


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