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Why is Kids' Best Friends the Guard Dogs? - 3 Criteria to Find the Best One


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While many people are not aware of it, one of the best presents that you may give your child is a guard dog. In order to find the best guard dog for your kid, there are a number of things that you should think of, and you are going to find some in this article.

1) Making use of dog therapy

What many of us take guard dogs for is security. However, this is not the only thing that your kids can benefit from when you give them guard dogs for company. Dogs can help a great deal in the treatment of your children, enhancing their general development. For example, the use of dog therapy is one of the best methods of making your kid learn about companionship. Many medical experts agree that keeping pets when you have children is very important, and when it comes to individual pets, dogs come up on top. Dogs are one of the friendliest animals that will be quite close to your kids. In addition, keeping guard dogs will help your children to start taking responsibility in their early years. And there's still more to the association of dogs and children.

2) Relevant dog selection in respect to the age of children

As much as it is important to keep guard dogs when you have children, you should be aware that not every type of dog will suit kids. You should choose a dog depending on your child's level of play. Here are some guidelines to help you in making your selection.

- 6 years and below: The dog should not be less than two years old.
- From 7 years onwards: For this age group, it is better to go for a puppy.
- Kids who tend to play indoors: The best breeds to buy are St. Bernards and Mastiffs.
- Outdoor-playing children: Such kids will be better off with such breeds as Dalmatians, Retrievers, American Eskimos, and Labradors.

3) Types of dogs appropriate with children

Here are some types of dogs that you may consider when you are planning to purchase a dog for your child or children.

- Pugs: These dogs are highly tolerant, which makes them pretty good with kids.
- Boston Terrier: Many parents usually choose this breed first of all.
- Russell Terrier: If you have teenagers, this breed may be good as they require a lot of attention and discipline.
- Beagles: Their ability to tolerate high degree of excitement as well as rough play makes them suitable with small children.
- Pomeranians: They are convenient with kids due to their small size and cuddly nature.

Studies have shown that children who have dogs for company do not tend to have problems with their speech development. This is one of the most important areas that dogs help children in. Find out more tips about guard dogs and children at .


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