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Various Roles of Guard Dogs - Depending on Your Needs


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The practice of keeping family guard dogs has existed for very many generations. Remember that when you decide to adopt a guard dog, it will become part of your family, and you should be prepared for this adjustment. There are very many different types of dogs from which to make your selection. Some dogs are pretty huge while others are very small in size, some are fairly calm while others are quite aggressive.

This means that deciding to have a guard dog is just one of the choices that you will need to make. In your selection of one, you need to bear in mind the role you expect the dog to play. For instance, there are some that are very playful with kids while others are not that friendly. Guard dogs, as the name indicates, are also helpful in protecting your family and property. In addition, there are some dogs that are trained at looking after herds and flocks so as not to go astray as well as keeping intruders at bay. There are still other dogs that are specialized in helping people with disabilities while others are trained to find criminals. You can as well train guard dogs to perform a lot of other duties.

Guard dogs are often used in rescue purposes, whereby they are trained to help people who are in different kinds of difficult circumstances, which include accidents in water.

Another popular role in which dogs are used is in herding. In fact, some are specifically categorized as herding dogs, and they are trained to look after herds in different aspects, from keeping them in good pastures to protecting them against intrusion.

Dogs are also very helpful for hunting purposes, whereby some are also classified as hunting dogs not only due to their training but also in-born characteristics. This type will help in tracking the game you are after and catching them. They will also ward off different kinds of wild animals.

Dogs are also trained and used in war, where they are highly trained to detect various types of threats. It can be trained to help right from the detection of termites to that of bombs. In addition, dogs may be trained in detecting various kinds of chemicals, which includes sniffing out dangerous substances in luggage.

It is generally easy, albeit involving, to train many types of guard dogs since they receive instructions fairly well. The Doberman is one breed that may be trained to perform a variety of roles. For instance, it may act well as a family guard, a police, and even a war dog.

This means that guard dogs are quite versatile and they may be adapted for different roles depending on your needs. Find out more tips about guard dogs at


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