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Taming the Blue Pitbull


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One of the most stereotyped breeds up to date. When people hear the words “dog" and “attack", they usually think of none other than the pitbull - a dog with a very bad reputation. This bad boy is short in height, but makes up for it with its very muscular build. It has a huge mouth with jagged teeth. Its bite can generate up to 2000 psi! With that amount of force it can crush bones like a child eating popcorn. It can cause excruciating pain - sometimes even kill. Despite the facts, one of the most popular breeds of this bad boy is the Blue Pitbull.

Some people look beyond the dog's reputation. They know that bad owners make bad dogs. So how it is brought up plays a major role in what it will grow up to be. Training it from an early age is very much needed. Keep it disciplined, for it has the tendency to take charge and be the alpha dog like other breeds. Being gentle but firm with it should keep it in place. Give it plenty of tender loving care. Give it room sometimes, but not to the point of seclusion. It is a sociable dog, and needs constant contact with other dogs and humans.

Having it locked up all the time, away from people and pets, may cause it to fear them. When an animal is scared, they either run away or try to defend itself. You do no want a Pitbull defending itself - they do so by fighting. So comply with the Blue Pitbulls social needs. You need not worry about it attacking others if you have trained it well. Just be sure to use a collar and leash on it before taking it out - just a minor safety precaution. When a dog gets sick, they can get cranky. Cranky is not a state you want it to be in.

To avoid this, supply it with the nutrition it needs. It must be according to its age and weight. Avoid overfeeding the dog and starving it. To maintain its muscularity, have it undergo exercises. Take it jogging or walking as much as you can, preferably daily. Balancing the two will keep it healthy and happy. It is playful, so playing with it would be great for your relationship. The Blue Pitbull can be the best guard dog you'll ever have. A sense of security is a need for any family. This dog can give it. Its bad reputation strikes fear into anybody.

It will give any robber second thoughts about breaking in. Any unsuspecting thief that has broken in will be sent running with just one look at the little beast. This dog is not to be used for fighting though. There are actually underground fight arenas where the dogs are made to fight to the death - where's the humanity in that? Just because its built for the game, doesn't mean it should play it. Any responsible owner would tell you the same. Treat it with love and respect and it will do the same for you as a sign of gratitude.

The author of this article Alex De La Cruz is a Dog Trainer who has been successful with several dog training courses for many years. Alex decided to share his knowledge and tips through his website . You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.


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