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Teach Your Pooch to Be Obedient Thru Dog Leash Training


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Do you envision yourself with your pet walking along the streets, around your neighborhood, or strolling in the park together? What a lovely sight would that be especially when you need not control your pet because it behaves perfectly fine. It does not attempt to go ahead of you or pull its leash. However if you do not have an obedient dog you might have a problem. You will need to engage your pooch with dog leash training. This training aims to help you obtain the good character inside your pooch. Dogs have that playful, obedient and loyal nature which you need to find within your canine friend.

Usually you can observe these character traits when you have gained your pooch's respect and trust. Having your pup recognized you as its master is very essential before you start any dog leash training. If you think you and your pup are both ready for the dog leash training it time to choose the right dog leash. You must make sure that when you tie the leash around your pet's neck it is not too tight that it will have breathing problems and not too loose that your pet can take it off easily. If this is your pooch's first time to wear a leash anticipate that it will not be comfortable and it will do everything to take it off.

Allow some adjustment for its part before you begin the training. Proper dog training happens when nothing distracts or messes up its focus. For the first days or weeks (it depends on your pet) try walking your pooch around the house. Make sure that when you walk, it does not try to go somewhere else. If it does stop for a moment and let it sit. You can also try patting it at the same time letting its attention focus only at you. You will need more patience because you will do this for several times until your pet understands what you intended it for.

If your pooch does well around the house it is time for the next big step. You can now fulfill your dream of walking your pet anywhere you want with an obedient pet beside you. However don't get your hopes too high when it is the first time- again. There are outside factors which might make your pooch lose its focus. Examples of these include seeing another animal especially if it's bigger, seeing strangers and anything which can catch its attention. When this happens it will definitely chase after those things. So be prepared for anything like this to happen.

Try bringing reinforcements such as tasteful dog treats. You can hand them out especially when the situation gets worst. Do not blame your training if some things go out of hand like it attacked another dog or chase after children because these things are beyond your control. Just make observations whenever your pet behaves beyond normal and see to it that you do have the control the next time it happens. Make your dog leash training fun for you and your pooch.

The author of this article Alex De La Cruz is a Dog Trainer who has been successful with several dog training courses for many years. Alex decided to share his knowledge and tips through his website . You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.


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