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Beauty and Brains - American Eskimo Dog


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This is one beautiful breed of dog. It has descended from the Spitz family. It's a breed of sled dog from Europe. But as time passed they bred it down to become smaller, defeating its original purpose to continue service as a pet. Sharing the family's general body structure. A double coat, one short and dense with the longer coat growing through it. It has the typical triangular ears, and a curled tail arching over its back. It comes in three different sizes, ranging from small to medium, or, to be more specific, 9 to 19 inches. They have long bodies, but are short in height.

They usually have black noses. Same goes for the rims round its eyes and mouth. If your into cute/beautiful dogs, then this might just be what your looking for. So pretty that it even makes its ugly owner look good. Great for diverting attention from you to the dog. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, they are very playful. You won't be having problems with it being around your children. As a matter of fact it would make a good playmate for them. It won't be knocking over your kids as the larger breeds could do. You won't have to worry of their safety as much.

Because of its small size, this lovable dog can't do much damage. Hence many choose to keep it as a house pet. Not much exercise is needed for this doggy. Short walks will be enough. It doesn't show signs of aggression, and if it does it would probably do so as it is provoked. They are intelligent and alert - aware of their surroundings, the the slightest noise catches their attention. This makes them an effective watch dog. They'll bark at intruders, alerting their masters of the unwanted guest - but don't expect too much though. Do not rely on them to actually protect you from the perpetrator.

This breed is perceived as cute and harmless. Hygiene is a must for this kind of pet. Its long and white fur easily catches dirt and other flying particles. Avoid having it wander to damp places. When its coat gets wet, it turns into a walking-mop, making it more susceptible to dirt stains and other kinds of mess. Not only does it make a mess out of itself, but out of anything it comes in contact with as well. This is one reason why it's kept indoors, not outdoors. Other than that, its coat doesn't need much maintenance. Brushing it once a week will do fine.

The American Eskimo dog would make an ideal pet for most people. It is a healthy dog - studies show that it has no genetic diseases. Therefore, if it were to get sick, it would mean that the sickness came from the environment, not from its parents. Being smart has its advantages. It is easier to teach this breed commands - a fast learning dog. If you find the information stated above appealing, then this is the right pet for you.

The author of this article Alex De La Cruz is a Dog Trainer who has been successful with several dog training courses for many years. Alex decided to share his knowledge and tips through his website You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.


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