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How to Stop Dog Jumping - No! Not on My Nice Suit!


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Do you need to know how to stop dog jumping? Are you greeted when you come home with two paws squarely placed on your chest? Do you fear wearing nice suits for fear that they will have imprints of paws on them? Wouldn't it be nice to come home and have your dog greet you with all four paws squarely on the ground?

A dog that always jumps up on you when you come home can be frustrating. I know because I had the same problem with my dog. He wasn't a large dog, he was more of a medium size dog. He was a mutt, most likely a shepherd, rottweiler mix. A very sweet dog, I named him Edie. I loved Edie, and he loved me, and he would show it, by jumping whenever I came home. Now, this was all fine and good if I was wearing plain clothes, but when I am wearing a nice suit or dress, that's a completely different story!

I did a lot of reading on how to stop dog jumping. There were a lot of varying techniques out there. There was one method that suggested you hold onto your dog's paws when he jumps on you and hold on until your dog can't stand anymore. Yeah, it sounds mean and it doesn't work very well. When you want to solve a problem, you will try different things and that was the point that I was at.

Another method suggested you stick out your knee when your dog jumps up and thus blocking him and hopefully teaching him that it might hurt him when he jumps up. Yeah, another not so kind method and it didn't work either. Dogs can figure out how to avoid that knee and jump up on you sideways!

I did some more reading and researching on how to stop dog jumping. And the one method that worked the best was actually the easiest to implement. Well, it's easy when it concerns what you need to do, but may not be so easy when it comes to how much affection you want to show your dog.

This most effective method for how to stop jumping is simply to ignore your dog. Believe me, it works! And yes it is very simple! What you need to do is to ignore your dog for 15 minutes before you leave and for 15 minutes when you come back. When your dog jumps up on you, you cross your arms and turn your back toward your dog and just stand there and ignore your dog. What will happen is that your dog will realize that jumping up on you will illicit the complete opposite reaction of what he wants, your attention. When he realizes that as soon as he calms down is when he gets your attention and affection, he will soon learn to stay calm when you leave and come back.

Training dogs is a fun challenge. Keep it simple and you can accomplish a lot!

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