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Aromatherapy For Dogs - Improve the Life of Your Pooch


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Emotions are a apart of our everyday life.   Emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear and also love play a crucial role in our lives.   These feelings do not solely belong to us because they are also an integral part of an animal's world.   Aromatherapy for dogs provides our beloved pets with instant, profound, and long lasting results that will improve the quality of life for our family pet.

Dogs are man's best friend.   They are very much in tune with out own emotions on a regular basis and often our mood will become their mood.   Dogs are emotionally dependent on love and affection from their owners.   Thus not giving them enough attention affects them in multiple ways in a short period of time.   Aromatherapy is increasingly being used on dogs to treat a wide variety of issues all requiring different kinds of aromatherapy.   Here is one helpful recipe among many such recipes that do work and improve your dog's quality of life.

Anxiety and Loneliness

To relieve anxiety or loneliness a simple amount of aromatherapy will go a long way.   Take one drop of Rose otto, five drops of both cypress and marjoram with carrier oil.   Apply these ingredients together on he spine and head lightly and repeat whenever is necessary.

These ingredients are very potent.   It is important to learn how to properly apply them as well as prepare your dog for them as well.   All oils should be diluted with carrier oil at first.   It might be helpful to allow your dog to sniff the oils before applying it to see how they react at first.   Some suggest spraying a mist around a room your dog spends a lot of time in or even your dog's bedding.   Many tips before applying the aromatherapy and afterward will allow your beloved pet to react properly and positively to the smells as they become use to the healing aromatherapy.

I recently discovered a terrific book that explains how you can use Aromatherapy oils on your dog. Imagine helping your best buddy with arthritis pain, anxiety, skin problems, lethargy, bad breath etc and all using purely natural plant extracts in the form of essential oils. It's brilliant and it's called, of course, Aromatherapy for Dogs . I tried some of the blends on my dog and the result was fantastic and he smells great too.

You may find this review of Aromatherapy For Dogs helpful. It's very rewarding to pamper your pooch!


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