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Pug Facts - Interesting History and Care Facts About Your Pet Pug


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Pug dogs are small and playful pet dogs with a silky coat and adorable probing face. These dogs are loyal, very clever and responsive to commands. They are strong and rough, like to play and are great with kids. They want attention and will give you their full loyalty and companionship in return.

Here are some interesting Pug Facts:

Pug dogs originated from the Ancient Asian breed. Pugs were a traditional pet of European royalty in the sixteenth century and other pugs were housed in the Chinese Imperial palace in the middle of 1800's.

The Pug's breed standard for height is twelve to fourteen inches for males and ten to twelve inches for females. They are thickset with round eyes and face, and curly tails. Pugs weight range from thirteen to twenty pounds.

Pugs typically have skin and respiratory problems. Their ears which have folds can be a perfect home for mites - thus their ears must be frequently inspected. Also, these dogs got flat faces and jutting eyes which make them susceptible to ulcers on the cornea. They can also catch colds easily and should keep away from either too hot or too cold weather.

Pug dogs are known for being a loyal and loving companion and like every toy breed dog, they need unwavering attention and care.

When you are adopting a pug, make certain that you are capable of providing him a suitable home indoors as they can't stay outdoors for long periods.

Pug Facts - Pug Care

Even though this breed has a short coat, it does need daily brushing to maintain sheen and good health.

The wrinkles in the Pugs face can trap dirt which can harbor bacteria and cause an infection, therefore care must be taken to clean out the folds on your Pugs face often.

Due to their wide eyes - the Pugs food dishes must be wide and shallow to avoid damage to the corneas.

Pugs do require regular dental care which includes brushing their teeth at home as well as dental scalings if necessary.

Even though they are small, Pugs do require regular exercise and must be walked every day in order for them to be happy and healthy.

So there you go, some basic pug facts that will help you understand the history as well as how to care for this wonderful dog breed.

To get more Pug facts and learn how to choose, train and care for your pug, all you need to do is click here !


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