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Feeding Your Dog Between the Lines


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If you think that your role as a responsible owner is enough when you have purchase or made the right dog food then think again. Getting the food is just one part and feeding your dog with it is another. However it does not mean that you just grab a bag of dog food and pay it at the counter. Getting the right dog food is also important because this is the starting point of your pup's nourishment. In making a choice between a commercial dog food and a homemade one think about which will provide your pet with the proper nutrients at the same time not causing a problem with its health later on.

You also need to consider your pooch's age because each of them has different nourishment requirements as they get old. It would be great if you would go for the natural homemade dog food because they do not contain harmful chemicals and substances that could impair your pup's health. There is no need for food supplements because your pooch is eating natural foods and it is already loaded with vitamins and minerals. Feeding your dog properly is equivalent to providing proper nourishment because it is in this part that the food gets to your pet's system. So how can really ensure that your pet is doing fine while eating? The following are tips which you might find useful the next time you feed your pooch.

First, feed your pup with the right amount. During the first feedings try to estimate how much your pet can eat and from there make appropriate proportions. Avoid giving your pet too little or too much because it has own consequences. Too little food will make your pooch malnourish and too much can lead to obesity. Second, try feeding your dog with different kinds of dog food as much as possible. They get bored with the same taste over and over again. It may even affect their appetite which can lead to excessive left-overs. By providing variations you are exposing your pup to different nutrients because not all nutrients can be found in just one food.

Third, make a schedule of its eating time. Try to stick with that schedule otherwise you might not know that you are already feeding your dog too much. Twice a day of a well balanced meal is sufficient enough. Just take note of your pet's body composition and try to proportionate the servings. Fourth, avoid giving your pooch with treats while you are eating. Do not be guilty if you are eating and it's not. It would be ideal if you feed your pet first before you take your own meal so that it will not linger any more near you or under the table because it is already full.

Discipline is highly needed in times of this otherwise you might be defeating the purpose of providing proper nourishment. Fifth, water is very essential when you're feeding your dog. Provide an ample amount of clean water when your pet is eating. During summer seasons you have to provide it with lots of water so it can cool it self down. And the last one is observing your pooch while it eats. Take note of any changes in its eating habits because this is one way of finding out if something is wrong with it. Feed your pooch in a serious and strict manner but at the same time make it fun and enjoyable for your pet.

The author of this article Alex De La Cruz is a Dog Trainer who has been successful with several dog training courses for many years. Alex decided to share his knowledge and tips through his website . You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.


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