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Housetraining Made Easy


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Adopting a puppy is always fun but unlike shopping your responsibility extends way beyond after you brought it home. It isn't like a shirt that you can put inside your drawers neither a piece of furniture that just stays in one corner to be adored by everyone. A puppy is always active and friendly with everyone. That's what makes an adorable dog. However when they began to poo everywhere especially on your favorite couch they turn into naughty little monsters. Your pet is sure to come to the stage when they transform your lovely home into their personal potty area and you just can't stop them.

Yes, you can't stop them but you can make them do their business outside. If your dog could just behave like you've always wanted them to then there is no more problem. But since they don't have that capability you need to housetrain them. By following simple housetraining rules you might solve that potty problem and continue to make fun memories with your pooch. The first of these housetraining rules is finding the perfect place in your yard where you will take your pet when it does its potty. Make sure that area is wide enough and comfortable enough for your pet.

It is also important that you use the same command words such as “out" or “potty" consistently. The second housetraining rule is to feed your dog with basically the same amount at the same time everyday. By doing this, you have the control over its potty time. Maintaining an ample amount of food and water in its bowl is not advisable. It allows your pooch to have snacks whenever it wants. Try to be strict when handling out its food. For example when you feed it in the morning leave the food for about 15 minutes and when your pet ignores it keep the food until its next meal.

This may sound harsh but remember that your main purpose is to housetrain your pooch so you might as well be firm. Plus you will lose control regarding its potty time because you can't make estimates. These estimates will be helpful in figuring out the potty time pattern of your pet. You should also avoid playing with your pet when you take it to its potty area so it will know the distinction between potty and play. In these housetraining activities, you will need lots of patience especially during the first days because you and your pet are both adjusting.

You can afford to be lenient at first but make sure that next offenses of your pooch should never be tolerated. And if ever it gets the hang of it and gradually becomes obedient you should give positive reinforcements in the form of hugs and lots of attention. You can give treats but never a full meal otherwise its pattern will be destroyed. Your dog wants to please you so when it sees that you are happy with regards to its manners it will also feel happy. The housetraining rules previously mentioned is not that hard to follow if you are really determined with your purpose.

Something good will result if you will really persevere.

The author of this article Alex De La Cruz is a Dog Trainer who has been successful with several dog training courses for many years. Alex decided to share his knowledge and tips through his website . You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.


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