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Quick Info About Dalmatians


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From the 101 Dalmatians written by Dodie Smith in 1956, the dog's popularity as a pet sky rise. Many people love to own that white and black spotted dog to be their pet due to its lovely coat and intelligent nature as indicated in the book or in the cartoons and live action movie with the same title. However they did not realized that there is so much more about the Dalmatians than what pleases their eyes. For one thing, Dalmatians are one of the oldest purebred dogs which mean that their bloodline is not tainted by other dog breeds and shouldn't ever be.

That is why it would be better to adopt a pair of Dalmatians rather than taking one home to be able to keep its breed pure. The Dalmatians stands 20 to 24 inches and weighs from 23 to 35 kilograms when it is already full grown. Their distinguishing characteristic is their fur or coat which is colored white with black or liver spots. This spots are not present when the dog is born and appears only after a few weeks. Among the many things every owner should remember when adopting a Dalmatian as a pet is the dog's active nature.

Owning a Dalmatian requires a different responsibility as many owners would say “it's one of a kind". As history tells us, Dalmatians were used to accompany carriages as a coach dog. It guides horses to keep in their tracks. Maybe you would ask, why the Dalmatian specifically? The explanation for this would be their attractive appearance and their body built. They have deep, barrel chest which makes running along with horses easier. With this purpose, they are considered royal dogs in medieval Europe particularly in England. Even to this day this breed chooses to walk or run along the tracks.

Aside from being carriage dogs, they are also used as firehouse dogs and rescue dogs due to their ability to find individuals trapped in a building and to lead them out. The usefulness of this pet extends to its loving and affectionate nature. It always loves human companion that is why spending quality bonding time with this pet is a must. Prolonged human absence makes the dog sad and inactive. Having this pet means that you already have a jogging companion early in the morning or whatever jogging time you may want. You have to keep your pet in physical shape so if you don't have a wide lawn for it to roam around you have to take it the nearest park to get some exercise along with a high protein diet.

The idea that this dog is not trainable is not true. You may not know it but the dog has the tendency to be deaf due to its genes. Before showing the whole world how lovely your pet is make sure you know how to raise a Dalmatian from the basic dog needs to maintaining its health and training. They are special dogs so learn how to make them feel extraordinary because they deserve that treatment.

The author of this article Alex De La Cruz is a Dog Trainer who has been successful with several dog training courses for many years. Alex decided to share his knowledge and tips through his website . You can sign up for his free newsletter and enjoy a healthy and submissive dog.


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