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Beagle Dog Breeds - Used As Detection Dogs Or Rescue Dogs


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Beagle is a small breed and appears similar to Foxhound. Beagles have shorter legs and soft ears. Beagles are trained to catch hair, rabbits and play games. The power to smell is very good in Beagles and thus they are used as detection dogs or rescue dogs.

They are good in detecting food. The health issues are less in beagle. Because of their size, less health issues and temper they are popular then other pets.

The existence of Beagle is over 2000 years; however the breed available today is a modern breed and was developed in1830's in Britain. Beagle was first used for hunting, people used to import the dog from US. The modern beagle is straight legged, weak heads. Beagle resembles to Foxhound in body shape, there are some differences like head are broader than Foxhound and the muzzle is shorter, legs are shorter and the expression is totally different. The height of the Beagle is from 13 to 16 inches. And the weight varies from 8 to 16 kg.

The skull is of dome shape with medium length. The muzzle is of square in shape. Beagles have strong jaws and jaws scissors are perfect, they fit into the lower jaws without any cavity in between.

The eyes of the beagle are large and brown in color. The ears are large, soft and hang. The neck is strong and of medium length.

In Beagles one can find many colors. Mostly one will find tricolor Beagles. In tricolor ‘Classic tri’ and ‘Dark tri’ are most common and available.

Beagles sometimes have white coat with patches of black and brown hair.

Beagles are the best in sensing the smell than any other dog breed . Beagles are best in ground sensing than in air sensing. Beagle are cool dogs, they are gentle by behavior. Strangers win them easily and they enjoy company, which means they are poor as guard dogs. Sensing capability shows that Beagles are intelligent enough however, due to long breeding they are intelligent only in sensing. Beagles are single minded and thus it is hard to train them. Beagles do not require daily exercise. Beagle mix up with children easily and their good friends. The most common disease in beagle is epilepsy and can be controlled with the help of medicines and a Vet. Eagles rarely develop immune medicated polygenic arthritis. Beagle suffers from separation anxiety; one should carefully adopt a Beagle.

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