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Stop Your Dog From Stealing Your Cat's Food


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You have noticed it many times that your cat has to beleaguer your for its food because your dog steals away the cat food. You must stop your dog from pilfering with the cat food, as it is not a healthy practice for your dog. As soon as you catch your dog eating the cat food, you should immediately yell at it and make it understand that this is a negative action on its part.

You can also keep handy a little spay bottle. A good spray is enough to stop your dog from fiddling with the cat's meals. You must be prompt while using the aforementioned techniques. If you take actions after your dog has finished the food, it will just confuse your dog. It will not understand the proper matter on which you want to avert it. It should be borne in mind that the dog does not remember past activities. Even, it is unable to differentiate between crime and good deeds.

You can place the cat food to a distant place which is difficult for your dog to reach, although your cat can easily get there. You can even gate the eating area of your cat. You should restrict your dog to go near the eating place of your cat. You can also place the cat food on an elevated shelf, if your cat has the ability to jump till adequate heights. Cats have a tendency to reach even at those places, where your dog can not even think of.

You can provide meals to both your pets at the same moment on regular basis. You can keep away all the bowls after both your pets have finished their meals. By doing the above mentioned stuff, you can easily get rid of various aggravations included in these situations. You can even mount a wireless fence indoors. It would warn your dog when it approaches towards the food meant for your cat.

Being a responsible and careful pet owner, you must take necessary steps to do away with these hectic issues. A bif cardboard box should be arranged, where the cat can easily have its meals. You should then cut an entrance way for the cat to go inside. This opening should be such that your dog can not go inside the box. You should always feed both your pets on scheduled time everyday. Adequate amount of food as well as water should be provided to all the pets with the aim to avoid their interference in each other's foods.

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