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Heated Dog Beds - A Great Way to Beat Arthritis in Dogs

Ian Patterson

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Arthritis in dogs is more common than one may think. It is one of the most common health problems seen by veterinarians.  Unfortunately, dogs that suffer arthritis are unable to tell us about it.

Arthritis in dogs is quite common in older dogs, and it is more noticeable in the larger dogs than in the smaller ones. That does not mean smaller dogs do not suffer joint problems, it is just more pronounced in the larger breeds. The larger dogs have greater difficulty moving around than the smaller ones when affected by arthritis. It is important for dog owners to be observant of their dog's behavior and recognize the symptoms when their pet is ailing.

Your dog may have arthritis if you notice:

  • Your dog is favoring a limb
  • Your dog has difficulty sitting down, getting up or standing
  • Your dog sleep more than usual. Animals reduce their metabolic rate to reduce pain.
  • Your dog appears to have stiff or sore joints and difficulty in walking.
  • Your dog doesn not want to jump, run or climb stairs anymore
  • Your dog is gaining weight due to less exercise
  • Your dog is less active or less interested in play

Unfortunately the early warning signs of arthritis in dogs are rarely noticed by dog owners and veterinarians because animals have the tendency to ignore the discomfort until the arthritis affects the joints significantly. Arthritis in dogs can be very difficult to diagnose since the dog may not limp or appear to be in pain. Arthritis causes swelling in the joints and movement becomes restricted.

Joints have a susceptibility to any number of diseases, including arthritis. Any damage to a joint may produce arthritis. It can occur in any joint but is seen most often in the hip, elbow, knee and stifle.

It is important for your dog to rest comfortably on a bed that will help to ease the discomfort. Heated dog beds are great for dogs with arthritis or older dogs suffering from other aches. There are few better methods of letting your dog sleep off the pain than with one of these beds. Heated dog beds are equipped with built-in thermostats which allow you to control the temperature and create a snug warm place for your dog to sleep. Many have built-in thermometers that automatically adjust the warmth according to your dog's temperature and the ambient air temperature to provide heat when needed.

I have been using heated dog beds for years for each of my dogs as they have grown older and are terrific for dogs recovering from sickness or injury. Most dogs enjoy cuddling deep into their heated beds when the weather is terrible and the nights are cold. Heated dog beds are a great idea during the winter months.

Heated dog beds have been specially designed to deal with dog's nails and claws and are very durable.

Contrary to the belief of many people, not all dogs like to be outside and certainly no dog likes to be cold. They suffer from the cold just as we do and suffer arthritis just as we do. Do your dog a favor and ease their joints with warm and comfortable sleeping conditions. I recommend using a heated dog bed .

Ian Patterson has over 30 year's experience with dogs and gained extensive knowledge in dog behavior and obedience training.

For more information about dogs, their behavior and training, visit his website where he gives information on dog behavior, care and obedience training.


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Cure Arthritis in Dogs Using Glucosamine
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