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Acupuncture For Spot


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Acupuncture is one of the many parts of the Chinese culture which has spread throughout the world and has become popular with many people outside of the orient. It's an ancient practice that helps relieve pain and may even heal people of diseases. It's helped many people over the years, and now it can help out Spot, too.

Acupuncture being used on dogs is a fairly new practice and hasn't quite kicked off yet. It basically takes the same relaxing, healing medical technique, but it is applied to dogs instead of humans. For those unaware, acupuncture involves sticking needles into the pressure points of one's body in order to stimulate a feeling of heat or electrical stimulation. Applying these same theories to dogs, we can help them overcome health issues and be more healthy canines.

The procedure is pretty straightforward and doesn't last longer than a half hour. Some dogs may seem to feel bad for two days, but then they are better again. Sometimes, a recurring appointment will take place, where you go to get treatment for your dog several times: your dogs will love this.

It's an incredibly relaxing experience, and you will see the comfort in your dog's face. The long-term effects will be very pleasing. Not only will acupuncture help relieve your dog of sickness and disease, but it will become a generally more relaxed and peaceful animal. Dogs will be more easily managed and less aggressive that way and that is a very important advantage.

People generally don't believe that dogs benefit from acupuncture in the same way we humans and they are actually right. This is mainly because we go into it knowing what to expect and program our mind to focus on that. A dog has no idea what's going on, so the experience is simply pure for him and it's probably a more enjoyable experience than for humans.

Many people dismiss this as a crazy idea, but it really does work. After all, why shouldn't it? Acupuncture is not based on a specific species, it's based on parts of the bodies being stimulated by a needle. Why wouldn't dogs be able to experience that same stimulation? As mentioned above, it is probably a different experience for them, but they can benefit greatly from it.

Of course, for your dog to be generally more happy and calm, it will probably take more than just acupuncture: take your dog for more walks, give your dog more attention and you will be rewarded. After all, knowing that they are needed and respected gives them one less thing to worry about.

Feng is the owner of Acupuncturist Portal, a free resource for anyone interested in the ancient Chinese alternative medicine practice: Acupuncture . Acupuncturist Portal also contains a US national directory of qualified acupuncturists for people who are ready to give acupuncture a try.


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A Look At Chinese Acupuncture
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