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Dealing With Canine Frequent Urination - A Simple 6 Step Program to Deal With Dog Urination Problems

Kate Rieger

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As a pet owner, does it bother you when your dealing with a dog that is frequently urinating? When you notice canine frequent urination, it is important that you take immediate action. This is a symptom of a condition in your dog that could be fatal. It is usually caused by a bladder stone or infection. If all pet owners treated this problem quickly and efficiently, there would be no need to have this turn into an emergency room trauma. Here's a simple 6 step program you can put in place to alleviate or prevent the causes of frequent urination in canine.

Step 1. Give your dog plenty of fresh, clean water to drink. Ensure that your dog's water bowl is always full and stay away from giving him tap water. Tap water contains a lot of contaminants. Instead, give your dog filtered water to help him flush out toxins and maintain a healthy flow of urine.

Step 2. Canine frequent urination may be caused by a pH imbalance of his bladder and too many minerals in the urine. Don't give your dog commercial food because it contains too many carbohydrates and minerals. Instead, give your dog raw, unprocessed food that doesn't contain so many minerals and grains.

Step 3. Stress can mess with your dog's urinary tract system and cause what your doctor may refer to as “frequent urination in canine. " Remove stress from your dog's life. Don't leave him alone for long periods and if you do have to leave him home alone, make sure to give him something to do, like leaving him a chew toy. Most importantly, spend quality time with him each day and make sure he gets plenty of exercise.

Step 4. Make sure your dog has plenty of opportunities to empty his bladder so he doesn't urinate in inappropriate places and so he doesn't hold his urine in for too long. Holding urine when your dog is having urinary problems will only aggravate his problem - more stress too.

Step 5. Make sure your dog's genital area stays clean in order to prevent urinary problems and keep canine frequent urination under control. Leaving the area dirty will give bacteria a chance to flourish. No licking required, but check out the area and give him a bath if it looks messy.

Step 6. The hands down best way to treat and prevent frequent urination in canine is by administering a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic remedies are 100% safe and side effect free yet highly effective in getting rid of canine urinary problems of all kinds. You can find homeopathic remedies to help reduce stress, stabilize his urinary tract pH level, and eliminate the causes of canine frequent urination. Furthermore, they strengthen his immune system to help ward off infections.

Make no mistake about it. The best way to prevent canine frequent urination is by making these 6 simple steps a regular part of your dog's routine. If for whatever reason you fail to do so, and your dog starts peeing frequently, get him checked by the vet. Once the emergency is over, put this program in place to prevent repeat episodes. Follow these tips so you can quickly and effectively alleviate his discomfort and problem with his urinary tract.

Kate Rieger is partnered with the Kentucky S. N. I. P clinic and together through education programs, they provide affordable solutions for pet owners in the Kentuckiana region. While she would like to extend simple, natural care to every pet in the neighborhood she takes it one animal at a time. Visit Kate's site today to learn more about a natural remedy for treating canine frequent urination problems and naturalize your pet care today.


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