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Perfecting Your Puppy's Potty Training


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Potty training your puppy can start the first day you bring your fuzzy bundle of love home. Keep your puppy confined to one area, until they are completely house broken. Set up a sleeping area for them that is their own. A dog won't want to make potty where they sleep. When they are brand new to the world they might have an accident in their bed, but once they realize that is where they sleep they will go potty elsewhere.

Your puppy's potty spot should be a clearly defined area. It doesn't have to be large, in fact puppy can be taught to keep their messes on a sheet of newspaper. Ideally you should train your dog to do its business outside, because once they learn it is ok to go on newspaper inside it may be difficult to break the habit. There are a few things that will make potty training your puppy an easier experience for both the owner and animal. By being observant you will be able to understand your puppies behavior, and be able to predict when they need to go to the washroom. If the puppy starts sniffing around, circling, or starts to do the “I got to go" walk, quickly whisk them outside (or onto some newspaper, or puppy training pad). Say the command that you have chosen to use for when they go, for example “go potty!" Encourage them to go, and when they do praise them heavily. Tell them what a good girl or boy they are, and give them some petting. Knowing your puppy's potty schedule will also make it easy for the two of you.

If your pet had eaten an hour ago, and that is how long it takes till your dog has to go, then it might be a good idea to take puppy out, give them the opportunity to make their owner very happy and proud. By spending time with your pet, and closely working with them you will both end up with an intuitive feel for what needs to be done. It is unlikely you will be able to watch your puppy every minute of the day, so accidents are bound to happen.

If your dog has made a mess, and you did not catch them in the act they may not understand why you're upset with them. In this case punishment might not be effective. Try cleaning up the mess, taking it outside, with the puppy, to the potty area. This way they will begin to the smell of their mess to where they are suppose to be making that mess. If you do catch them in the act of going on the floor where they are not suppose to a sharp “no!" and trip to their bathroom area will be enough to teach them what you expect from them.

Lucky for us, dogs are house broken quite quickly (unlike our children). Our pups aim to please, and as long as we are diligent and consistent in training our pet will figure out the rules, and obey them.

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