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Dogs Are the Best!


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Let's just come right out and say it - dogs are the best! They have those puppy dog eyes that only, well, puppies can have. They've got floppy ears that shimmy from side to side. They love to wag their tails whenever they're happy or excited. And they're so completely expressive that you can instantly tell just by looking at them whether or not they're happy or annoyed with you. And that's just scratching the surface - because there are many more reasons why dogs are simply the best pets anyone can have.

Incredibly loyal, dogs don't ask for much. Sure, they love going out for a walk at the mere mention of the word. And yes, dogs love a yummy treat every now and then. But, if you give your dog nothing but unconditional love and respect, chances are, they'll reciprocate those feelings back to you in spades. From experience, I know that my dog wants and loves nothing more than to cuddle in bed - and I love cuddling my dog!

Because dogs are the best, dog lovers and dog owners want to do nothing more than spoil their dogs to no end. In addition to dog treats, there are other ways in which to spoil your best and most loyal and trusted friend. For example, people like to purchase dog clothes and pet sweaters for their puppies. Now, if you don't think that dogs are simply the best, then you may not understand as to why anyone would want to spend money on a dog costume for Halloween. But, there's one logical reason to do so:

Because dogs are the best!

All puppies and dogs want is to be loved and to have the basic essentials of life provided to them - mixed in with a hearty bone once in a while. And, if you take a moment and look in the mirror - isn't that what we as people want too - minus the hearty bone? Dogs are, more or less, like people. Except for the tail. And the big floppy ears. And the cold, wet nose. And the tendency to chew things that they shouldn't get into. However, even with all that - there is still one conclusion that makes perfect sense:

Dogs are the best!

And because dogs are nothing short of awesome, we want to spoil them rotten with goodies and treats and other super-cool fun stuff. For example, we may want to pick up dog carriers so we can literally pick up and carry our dogs. Now, to the untrained eye, one may wonder why an animal with four feet would need to be picked up and carried - especially since dogs simply love to walk, run, play and frolic. Well, there's a very simple answer to that question:

No, it's not what you think!

Because dogs rule, we want to bring them with us wherever we go, even if it doesn't appear to be logical or make much, if any, sense. However, we want to make certain that our upscale pups and pampered pooches are safe and sound when they're traveling and out with us. So, a sturdy and strong dog carrier or pet carrier can ensure that they're kept close by and out of trouble. And why would we want to ensure that our dogs are always kept safe and sound.

Right - because dogs are the bomb, yo!

If you're a dog lover, then you know how super cool it is when you walk in the door and your dog runs and leaps to greet you home - especially if you've had a tough or miserable day. Dogs don't care what kind of day you had, or if you impressed your boss or not, or if you're a good cook or a terrible cook. All dogs care about is that you care about and love them. And because dogs have this frame of mind, there's really only one thing to say:

Dogs are the best!

Manny Manuel loves dogs and wants his pooch to be an upscale pup . He spoils his dogs with wonderful treats and goodies like designer dog collars , pet accessories, sweaters and more. But, he can't help it - he loves his dog that much!

And because Manny wants to give his dog fun and fancy things like dog beds, dog accessories and super-cool dog toys, he wants you to do the same as well! Visit and check out everything that a diva dog and their owners need to ensure that all puppies are prim, proper and pampered.


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