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Yorkshire Terrier Training Tips - How to Train Your Yorkie to Be a Loving Pet

Connie Ragen Green

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Yorkshire terriers are one of the most popular breeds in the world. In fact, Yorkies come in at number ten in popularity in the United States, and at number fifteen in the United Kingdom, out of several hundred registered breeds. In Canada the Yorkshire terrier is the sixth most popular breed. These numbers come from the registrations at each country's kennel clubs.

Even though Yorkies are so cute and popular, they are also known for their intense stubbornness. They will not come when they are called, are difficult to housebreak, and refuse to follow directions. When you take a Yorkie on as a pet, you must begin training immediately.

The first thing you must do is to let your dog know who the boss in the relationship is. Demand respect and adhere to a strict routine. This will help to set the tone for the rest of the years that you have your Yorkie.

Housebreaking will also be an issue that you must deal with. Start crate training as soon as you bring your dog home, and spend the time necessary to housebreak your Yorkshire terrier during those first few weeks. Sticking to a schedule will also make this part of the training easier, so that you can move on to other areas.

Once you have spent the time training your Yorkie, you will have a loving pet that can become your best friend. A trained Yorkie will be loyal and obedient, and a true joy to you and your family. Yorkshire terriers have good reason to be among the most popular breeds in the world.

And now I invite you to find out more about training your Yorkshire terrier by visiting and get started right away with training your Yorkie to be an obedient family pet.


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Yorkshire Terriers - Introducing A New Pet Into Your Home If You Have A Yorkie
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