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House Training Poodles - How to Do It


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Poodles are one of the most sought after varieties of pet animals. People are attracted to poodles first because of their cute appearance. Then the bond thickens because of the lovable nature and intelligent behavior of the dog. All kinds of dogs love human companionship. Poodles thrive on human company. Although poodles are obedient and relatively easy to be trained, it is not the kind of an animal that develops an instant rapport with a new environment. Somebody has to patiently train the animal till it finds peace with new surroundings.

The first and foremost step in providing house training to poodles is that one has to keep a vigilant eye on the animal on all its activities at least for a week. If you have a busy full time job, either engage some professional trainer to look after the dog or take at least one week's leave from your work for providing proper training to the dog. Never let the animal do anything without supervision at the beginning. This is important to let the poodle have a thorough idea of the do's and don'ts about a household from the beginning. For example, if you do not want the animal to enter into you study room, block the first time when it tries to enter into that room.

The ideal way to provide house training to poodles is through a combination of affection, warning, and encouragement. Do not hesitate to sternly warn to poodle when you find that it is doing something unwanted. Also, feel free to say affectionate and encouraging words when it does something wonderful and as instructed. But do not overdo both warning and encouragement.

An important aspect of the house training part of poodles involves potty training. Like humans, the call to relieve itself can come naturally and unexpectedly to poodles. Also, like humans, this can be formed into a routine activity of nearly fixed timings with these animals also. So first never allow the poodle to relieve itself instantly at any place it likes. Select a particular spot and take the animal when it is likely to relieve itself. The idea is to develop a psychological link in the animal between the tendency of relieving itself and that particular spot. One has to be patient in this regard. Poodles will definitely cause “accidents" in this aspect. One has to clean the spot and gently warn the animals. There are special kinds of pads that can be wrapped around the poodles for preventing them to spoil the household.

The next part of providing house training to poodles involves making it act according to verbal instructions, such as stand, sit, run, come, go, and fetch (for retrieving balls and newspapers). This should be done only after the animal becomes comfortable with the whole household.

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