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Stop Dog Jumping and Other Annoying Behaviors on Your Own

Henry Smoot

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There is nothing worse than a poorly behaved dog. They jump on your guests. They beg for food. They run around the house, knocking things over and generally making a mess. They chew your shoes. They steal your socks and undies. And we haven't even gotten to the dog housetraining issues yet. Most people certainly intend to train their dogs when they initially bring them home, but inevitably life gets busy.

You get home from a long day at work and the dog has urinated on the carpet and chewed on the floorboards. You take the dog to the urine and give a harsh “no!" while doing the same with the boards. But did you know this act isn't accomplishing anything? All you're doing is confusing your dog.

Most people do not know that you MUST catch the dog in the act of doing the bad deed if you're going to punish them. Coming in two hours later and putting their face close to the urine accomplishes nothing. The dog simply doesn't understand. It is essential to actually catch the dog in the act of urinating, giving a strict “no!", and then taking the dog immediately outside to it's designated bathroom area where you shower the dog in positive reinforcement. Seems simple enough, right? Yet most people do not know this or even other simple dog training tools.

When frustration sets in, people look for help. If they can afford dog training schools then they sign up. A good school/program is worth its weight in gold, but it is essential to due your due diligence on the school and its instructors. Many of these “instructors" are merely hired hands who read a “how-to" book before classes begin. They certainly are not experts. And then there's the high cost option of sending your dog away to a professional trainer. The dog will almost surely come back with better behavior, but at what cost to your relationship? Many of these programs are weeks - not days - long and the dog begins to see the trainer as its new master. Who wants that?

No one.

Luckily there are some great resources out there when it comes to helping you with dog leash training, housetraining a dog, and just dog basic obedience training. So if you're interested in disciplining your dog check out It will help to get you on the right track in learning to train your dog yourself!


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Stop Dog From Jumping Up on People
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