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Help Your Dog Gain 2 to 3 Years of Life by Exercising - 3 Benefits to Exercise

Darrin Nelson

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Benefit # 1 Reduce common behavior problems such as barking, digging, and hyperactivity

Would you like to stop your dog from barking in the yard? Does your dog find digging holes for you to fill amusing? Are you unable to calm your dog down in a reasonable timeframe? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone.

Studies have shown that proper exercise for your dog reduces and sometimes even eliminates these three common problems. Proper exercise can vary depending on your dog's breed, size and health condition. If your dog hasn't been receiving a lot of exercise then you want to start with a gradual program such as walking or even playing a game like hide and seek.

Benefit # 2 Reduce the chance of obesity with your dog.

Exercise is a major key to a healthy dog. Today obesity is estimated to effect 20-30% of dogs. Does your dog fall under this category? Did you know that if your dog is over weight it reduces the lifespan by 2 to 3 years! The most common health problems related to obesity is heart disease, diabetes and osteoarthritis. If your dog is over weight then do not delay any longer. Start today developing a healthy plan that includes proper diet and exercise.

Obesity also reduces the quality of life. If a dog is overweight chances are they are very uncomfortable on many different levels and unable to exercise. They become tired quickly, out of breathe and tend to overheat quicker than usual. All of these symptoms prevent the owner and dog to enjoy healthy time together.

Benefit # 3 Increases your relationship with your dog.

Dogs that are not exercised properly can become depressed. They gain a sense of being neglected and over time become very bored. Be careful because this type of disposition leads to other behavior problems such as chewing things they shouldn't.

The relationship with my dog is very strong which I contribute to the time exercising together. My dog is always happy and obedient to see me, but I also do notice that when I have been too busy to spend the right time with her, she tends to look bored and not as energetic.

Playing games with your dog is a great way to get exercise together. My dog loves just about any kind of balls, leather footballs are her favorite. So we generally end of playing either a game of football or soccer each day. But other games that are fun as well is Hide and Seek, Find the Bone and even Follow the Leader. I learned about Follow the Leader from a trainer, great game! You set up a small obstacle course in your yard and have your dog follow you through the course. It is also a great way to strengthen training commands such as sit, stay and down.

Here are more ways to keep your dog healthy! Visit my site at .

Click Now on Dog Care Made Simple to learn basic skills and needs to care for your dog. My interest is with helping others enjoy their canine friend and develop a long healthy relationship. I like to write about dog nutrition, training and general health care tips.


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