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Puppy Training - Mistakes While Training Your Dog's Obedience


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Human beings are prone to mistakes. He is intelligent who rectifies the mistake at the earliest. We do know this very well yet we do commit mistakes. The same concept is repeated in the dog obedience training where an owner is found to repeat mistakes one after another. Well, it must be stated that these mistakes are unwarranted and also unacceptable. These mistakes are nothing but the manifestation of the ignorance of the owner. What he doesn't know is that the mistakes should be checked at once or else the dog obedience training in the long run may become abortive.

What are these mistakes? It is to be noted that most of these mistakes are common and occur due to the owner's delusion who is also the trainer. The first in this list is the fallacy of the trainer. It has been found that almost each and every trainer thinks that training of a few days will make the dog smart enough and it will be able to apply the basic skills on its own. On the contrary training can go for months. In this case the perseverance of the owner and also the adaptability of the dog play equally important roles. Never forget that the success or failure of the training depends on the trainer at best. For this reason you shall have to be cautious throughout the period of training.

But this is not all and there are more to follow. Many dog owners are found to snub the significance of the dog's breed. Nonetheless this is highly important and the course of the training depends on this single factor. While many dogs are found as followers right from their births, some are also found as eternal leaders. This is the influence of the breed and the training should be in accordance with that. If you try to apply the wrong method in any of these two cases, the result may be unsafe.

On the other hand you should always behave in the style of a leader. If you do not know learn it from now that dogs love to idolize. Reason? This is nothing but a genetic influence. Dogs being wild animals prefer to live in packs. Now each of these packs exists under the complete dominance of an alpha dog. The stature of the leader and his style of executing power make the other dogs bow before him. The dogs are conversant with this notion genetically and hence venerate only these kinds of leaders. But the ignorant owners do just the opposite and suffer. Beware of this mistake from the beginning.

Now, whenever we deal with these mistakes, we concentrate on the aspect of punishing the perpetrators of these mistakes. Either we do punish them physically or censure them severely. But both of these are exceedingly harmful since they will become either timid or aggressive as a result.

You should introduce the reward training simultaneously. This not only motivates the dog to work for more but also creates the foundation of a decent relationship between the owner and the pet.

Save yourself a lot of time as a dog owner and train your dog to be obedient. It gets so much easier for both you and your dog when you have trained your dog´s obedience. Click here to learn more about training your dog.


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Dog Obedience Training Most Common Mistakes
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