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Puppy Training Common Mistakes


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All of us are in love of puppies. They are simply the best and right from the first day attracts everyone's attention. But do you know that you shall have to train them also! If you do not, learn it from now. Effective puppy training is highly important. On the contrary if the suitable training is not imparted, it can be problematic. But often a picture is seen. Any puppy owner in spite of his/her loves commits several mistakes.

What are these mistakes? From the recently concluded researches they are three in number, in general. For this reason as a puppy owner you should be attentive from the beginning. Also consider, if you go on committing mistakes, the puppy will not behave properly.

There are many owners who fail to include the concept of reward in the process of training. Now the reward can be anything ranging from foods, favorite toys to simple praises. It is certainly a nice reward for it if you pat on its head and shoulder. It is advised that you should always pat if it acts correctly. This increases its motivation vehemently. Well, you can also punish it fails to perform the desired action. But never try to punish in harsh way. The best can be to stop any communication with it. This, to many, appears to be the best. The reason is any other form of punishment can make it confused. For this reason the puppy owners are always admonished of any severe punishment.

Apart from this you must introduce training on several other aspects. This include potty, communicating with other members of the family. Toilet training is very important and many commit several mistakes in this sphere. They perhaps consider that the puppy will walk on its own to the toilet. If you also think so then you are residing in a fantasy! Always encourage and reward it if it uses the specified toilet. This will make it identify the designated position.

Never lose your patience. Be aware that the success of the training depends on the trainer. Well, there are many who try to train. But they get frustrated the moment their puppies fail to act in the desired manner. The learning capacities of puppies depend on their own intellects, breeds. The training method of the owner is also highly responsible. Many fail to understand that they have to repeat the same process almost daily. Practice makes a man expert. You shall have to apply the same principle and only through repetition you can make it habituated.

You shall have to understand the emotion of the puppy. There are many who do not care of this and it is one of the gravest mistakes. You must be aware of its nature through its reactions. You can understand only when it is happy or dejected. Never try to train it if it's depressed. This can worsen the situation, if done.

You can go through the abundant information on the Internet for betterment. Try to have a thorough discussion with professionals on this very aspect.

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Dog Behaviour Training Most Common Mistakes
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