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Cool Dog Names - Whatcha Gonna Name That Puppy?


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Your definition of what is cool really depends on your interests and personality. Naming your pet is the first step toward bonding. Don't pick a name because someone else thinks it is cool. Pick a name that fits your dog's personality as well as your own.

Your dog is your best friend and you will call your dog an average of 25,000 times during his/her life. Imagine giving your dog the wrong name!

Another fact is that many dog owners would like to change the name of their dog after a few months already. Why stress the dog with a new name when you can do it right from the beginning?

Below are some suggestions of cool dog names. But before we start here are a few more tips. Don't use dog names that sound similar to very common words and commands like ‘go, stay, sit, eat, come, run’ etc. The biggest mistake down owners do is giving the dog a cure name that fits well as long the dog is young and still a little puppy but sounds stupid for an adult dog.

Another not so great idea is to name the dog after people you know. They might not be very pleased with that. Here are some suggestions how you can find a good dog name:

If you like sports:

Name your dog after your favorite team or the city in which they play.
For example:
"Dolphin" is only cool if your dog likes to swim. “Miami" is a very cool name.

Name them after your favorite sports personality. Their last name or nickname is usually a better choice. This of course depends on their name.

The sport itself- Hard to translate into a cool name. Here are a couple:

If you like mythology:

Hercules - for the tough dog
Persephone - great for a mama dog
Athena - for the tough female dog
Zeus - the “king"
Apollo - especially good for blond haired dogs
Helena - Beautiful female
Pandora - Curious female, maybe she is always getting herself into “situations"
Achilles - warrior dog
Odysseus - the “traveling dog"
Diana (Roman) Selene (Greek)- She may love to howl at the moon
Thor- For the “protector"
Aphrodite- loving female
Shiva- The multi-faceted female
Kali- Destructive female
Artemis- Female dog. Protector of women.
Hades - “tough" male
Poseidon- male water dog
Chaos- self-explanatory

Ramses - “king"
Osiris-"king" or possibly a dog that nearly died and lived.

If you like music:

Van Halen


Beethoven - Might be too over-used

Other Genres-
Hip Hop
Folk music

If you're into classic books/literature:
Consider your favorite authors and characters. Here are a few ideas:
Moby - great for big dogs
Gatsby - hound dogs, beagles, all manner of hunting dogs. . .
Mariner - fits especially well if your dog likes water

If you're into art:
Van Gogh
da Vinci

Other interests to choose from:
Role playing games

Of course these lists are partial. There are so many good ideas out there for cool names! You are sure to find a good name for your dog if you think of a topic and explore it further.

Need advice on male dog names ? Take a look at for most popular dog names.


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