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Stop Dog Jumping


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When greeting people, dogs tend to get excited and instinctively jump. This behaviour is first leaned when puppies are in a den. They jump up for the mother's attention. Further more, when a dog jumps many owners may praise, play, or feed the dog. This in turn encourages the behaviour. Don't get me wrong, when a dog jumps up to greet its owner, it is a great show of affection. However, the problem occurs when the dog also jumps on family members, friends or strangers.

Other reasons why a dog jumps is because the dog is trying to establish dominance. This is the behaviour of an Alpha dog. The dog does not regard the owner as his superior. This leads to the dog being disobedient and often push and pulls the owner around. In this case the dog will need more intense behavioural training.

To stop your dog from jumping up:

1. Determine Why Your Dog Jumps

Determine if the dog does not recognise you as his superior. If so, the Dog needs behavioural training

2. Incorporate Rules

When your dog greets you try to deter the dog from jumping up. Put your had out in front of you for a few seconds. With repetition a trained dog should respond to this action.

You can also ignore the dog by turning your back. Then ask your dog to sit. Once he is seated, you can turn around and greet him.

The above is just a few techniques on how to stop dog jumping. The steps should work with a trained dog.

For more in depth step by step dog training resource for not only dog jumping, but for ignoring commands, barking, pulling on leash, and much more go to:


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