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Puppy Potty Training 10 Sure Fire Tips For Success


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A few simple ideas can make a big difference to how successful your puppy potty training will be.

#1. Features your dog potty must have: It should be easy to clean. Have a splash back. Have a post for him to aim at. Be big enough for when he grows up.

#2. For indoor use, it's much cheaper to use newspaper under the grill of a dog potty than any of the pad, gel or litter type products.

#3. Restrict his access to the house until he's house trained. A small room with an easy to clean floor and a baby gate is ideal.

#4. Puppies get accustomed to the surface they eliminate on. So don't change this until he's fully house trained.

#5. The paper training method is the best technique if your puppy has to relieve itself indoors. It works even better when you use an indoor potty instead of paper.

#6. Nature's miracle stain and odor remover is great for cleaning up and eliminating the puppy's scent. It's available from Amazon.

#7. Thoroughly clean up and deodorize anywhere there are any accidents. Otherwise he will eliminate there again.

#8. Feed your puppy and play with him anywhere he has had any accidents. This will help prevent him eliminating in the same spot again.

#9. Everyone involved must use the same training methods or it will confuse your puppy and it will take longer to house break him

#10. Give your puppy frequent attention during this critical period. If you find he's having too many accidents, it probably means you are leaving him unattended for too long at a time.

Find step-by-step instructions on puppy potty training , crate training and the direct outdoor method of house breaking.

Discover the most common house training problems and how to deal with them. Whatever the breed. Whatever the age.


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How To Give Potty Training To Your Puppy?
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