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Overcoming the Obstacles of Potty Training Your Puggle


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One of the most common problems suffered by Puggle owners is the difficulty in training their Puggles not to potty in the house and on the costly carpets. There is a result oriented potty training for Puggles that will train the dog to go out and perform rather than doing it in the house.

Puggle is very cute and is a great pet, but it is a tricky and hard to train a puggle for potty training. The most common and obvious sign is the puppy will sniff the floor and start walking around the place forming circles. The former sign is when the dog wants to urinate and the latter sign is when the dog wants to poop. So it is important to pay attention to these signs in order to prevent the dog from performing on the floor. This observation and corresponding response will help in making the potty training short and easy.

If the Puggle is utilizing the outside then the dog should be made excited by the word ‘outside’ so that he easily recognizes with the word and moves out during an emergency. Say it such a tone that it is the most exciting and interesting word. Another idea is to take the Puggle to a specific place where you expect them to do the business. After some time the dog will recognize the area and will frequent this spot on a consistent basis. This helps the owner to keep the area clean easily. This technique works for both puppies and also for mature dogs. The important thing is to convey the message to the dog in a very friendly and loving way.

Affection and patience: Always ad a little humor while talking to the dog. This way the dog will happily accept your orders. Give the dog some incentives like a biscuit when he successfully completes his missions. Reward and do some clicks to the dog for obeying your orders. An important thing to note is that; never underestimate your puggle puppy intelligence. The dog will accept and perform if the teacher is good and understanding.

It is a good idea of picking a specific method that can be used for training the puppy. It is not a good idea to change from one training to another since the dog will get confused and end up learning nothing at all. The training should be consistent and stable. Every training will have its own problems so stick to a specific training regime.

Paper method: Pick a specific spot in the house where the Puggle is supposed to perform. For example, the bathroom, or kitchen since these areas have a linoleum flooring. Don't choose a carpeted area since it is very tough to clean it up. The specific area should be spread with some newspapers and make the dog to sit there and poop. Rotate the process until the dog gets used to it. Clean up the area regularly and place fresh newspapers. It works with both Puggle puppies and adult Puggles

Christy Taylor, author, owns her own Puggle and is also an in-house Puggles breeder. For more free information on Puggles, please visit her website at


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