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Getting to Know Your Puggles Different Behaviours


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Dog behavior training is easy for experienced dog owners. However, when it comes to the beginners, a little help is needed. Irrespective of being n experienced dog owner or a beginner, you will have to invest some time in training your puggle. Your dog's behavior and dog behavioral problem could sometimes become difficult to solve. Good dog behavior training would be a great idea. However, successful dog behavior training would require some time and patience. Considering certain important things would definitely help successful behavioral training. Puggle's behavior training would help making your puggle obedient and be safe while he is left home alone.

Getting puggle's attention: Before you start training your dog for better behavior, you need to get his attention first. Most of the people fail to get attention and simply carry on with training dog for better behavior. There are many ways by which you can gain your puggle's attention. You can gain attention by simply talking to him or maybe offering a treat as a reward. You will find that this trick is working soon.

Praising your puggle: Paring your puggle is one of the simplest and most important things that most of the people neglect while training their dogs for better behavior. Praising your dog would be ideal as it would help completing an association between you and your dog. You puggle would know whether his action is good or bad. Whenever, your puggle does a right thing make sure you praise him. You will soon notice a change in behavior.

Reprimanding: When it comes to effective and a successful dog behavioral training, giving away reprimand is as important as praising your puggle. It is required completing puggle's association between your voice and your dog's behavior.

Using right training tools: It is no good if you are trying to train your puggle without having any necessary tools. You would not be able to train your puggle without taking on a lead for quite sometime would you? Of course not as it being the key factor in successful puggle behavior training. If you have a puggle that is a little uncontrollable and is unpredictable then you would require using a special training collar. Make sure tat the collar size is of right size.

Little behavioral training everyday: Do not simply rush into dog training. If you happen to fill up excessive information into the dog's brain, you will end up doing nothing. Teach one command at a time. Do not rush into teach many commands at a time as it might be difficult to understand for your puggle. Once, your puggle gets one command then only teach another one.

Many people are surprised on learning that their puggle's behavior training would imply on teaching animals on how to play. This is a special drive that wouldn't inherent to a genetic structure of your puggle. Inculcating good behavior in your puggle would be a great idea. A good training program would help bringing change in behavioral pattern of your puggle.

Christy Taylor, author, owns her own Puggle and is also an in-house Puggles breeder. For more free information on Puggles, please visit her website at


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The Training Differences Between Puggles, Purebreds and Mutts
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