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Take Your Puggle on a Walk in the Park


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Take some time of the day and go for a nice long walk with your puggle. Walking is a great way for you and your puggle to exercise. Best of it, walking would allow a better bonding between you and your dear puggle. For a dog, walk is a traveling experience. Night sights, smells, and sounds are all important experiences for your puggle. Schedule a routine for your dog. You can enhance the walking experience by choosing a different route every time and allowing him to enjoy a new experience of walking.

Safeguard your puggle: Although there are many advantages of taking your puggle for a walk, there are some disadvantages too. When you take your puggle for a walk at parks, chances are he might get caught by various diseases. Exposing puggle to some other dogs increases the chances of risk of diseases. Studies have shown that the dog parks are the main reasons for the higher level of god flu's. The infected dog waste would contain parasites that could affect your healthy puggle. In order to avoid the various infections attacking your puggle, keep a leash on the puggle while talking a walk in a park. The best way to avoid the spread of dog flu is avoiding interaction with the unknown dogs. Like humans, cold air would not cause your puggle to become ill but would spread the germs from one dog to another could create some serious problems.

Weather conditions: Walking could have various benefits on your puggle. A thirty minutes walk a day would be great. It would allow you and your puggle to stay fit and lead a healthy life. It would be best to avoid taking your puggle for a walk on a windy day. As their eyes are wide and large like a pug, the minute particles could irritate the eyes. More than any other dog breed, puggle tends to get caught by eye infections because of their eye size and shape. Avoid taking your puggle for a walk on too sunny days. Talking them for a walk on too hot days could badly affect their nose, compact their nose. They could also suffer from over heat problems and have some breathing problems.

Feet care: You would need to check your puggle's feet from time to time for ice and snow build up, if you are living in some cold climatic regions. Even a little snow collection between the foot pads of your puggle could crate some serious problem as the pads are quite sensitive. They could easily become frost bitten. So, next time you take your puggle for a walk make sure to clean his feet after coming home. This would help keeping his feet clean and prevent any diseases from attacking.

Comforting puggle: All dogs love walking in the parks. You can get a harness for your puggle and she would not pull the collar and the leash any longer. It would more enjoyable and comfortable walking with the puggle at the park. Thus, a good leash and harness would be great to keep your dog safe, warm and happy.

Christy Taylor, author, owns her own Puggle and is also an in-house Puggles breeder. For more free information on Puggles, please visit her website at


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