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Understanding the Difference Between a Puggle and Their Parents


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A Puggle is one of the new hybrid breed dog that is produced by mating a select male pug with a small female beagle. These Puggles are very not very high tempered and they would surely be because pugs and beagles are also sweet tempered. These pups are do not require much maintenance and they would go very friendly with the children. They are very playful and sturdy dogs apart from being very lovable and loyal. However unlike other hybrid dogs the Puggles do not have any specific health concern which is observed in purebred pugs. As these dog breed has long and elongated nose they also do not face any breathing problems. The Puggles have a comparatively short coat, a distinctive curly tail and velvety ears. They generally range between 8 to 14 lbs and are nearly about 12 to 15 inches in height. It is possible for you to find different colors in Puggles.

The difference between the first generation of Puggles and second generation Puggles: There are a number of people who are confused about the first and second generation of Puggle as they also have the question whether it is possible to breed a Puggle with a Puggle. The first generation of the true Puggles actually comes from a purebread beagle parent and only from a purebred parent pug. Usually all the pups in the lot would be very similar in looks. Their size and coat color can however differ but for the most part their physical characteristics are similar.

It is actually possible to bread a Puggle to Puggle or second generation Puggle which is same as you bread any other dog. However this breeding will not give the same outcome as the first generation Puggle. If you are breeding 2 Puggles from purebred parents then you will still be breeding with half pug and half beagle but the genetics would be a little shuffled during the second time. the pups would look very similar like the beagles like the Puggles or pugs that you started with and their color of combination. There are a number of people who are using what is called as poetic license that includes the Puggles. Here, the Puggle is not a part of Chihuahua, Poodle or any other breed but a mix of pug and the beagle only. The second generation Puggle would just be the result when a true Puggle is breed to true Puggle and no other breed.

The way to establishing breeds is very difficult and would require time and many generations of careful breeding in order to gain consistent outcome. As every purebred that is known today was once started using two different breeds of dogs you can just imagine how long it must have taken to create this consistent build and look that you recognize today. If the Puggles need to be the breed of their own then the conformation and look should be produced properly every time a Puggle is bread to another Puggle.

Christy Taylor, author, owns her own Puggle and is also an in-house Puggles breeder. For more free information on Puggles, please visit her website at


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