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Understanding the Breeding of Puggles


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Many people have come up with a large number of new hybrids. One of the newest hybrids that have been bred is called as the puggle. Puggles are a breed that is procreated from the male pug and the female beagle. These dogs look great and have an amazing temperament.

Pug and Beagle: The pug is a small and very strong dog. These dogs are happy dogs and generally sport a behavior that is affectionate, playful and loyal. Pug is a charming dog and it is always fun to have one around. These dogs are extremely smart but have a tendency to get bored very easily. Pugs are friendly dogs; they get along very well with children, visitors and other pets.

Beagle: The beagle dog is a small hardy hound. These dogs are very curious in nature; they have a lively and sweet temperament. Beagles are extremely sociable are great with children and with other pets. These dogs need firm training as they are determined in nature.

The combination of the above two dogs creates a wonderful breed. The puggle dogs are great looking and have a thick hound type of a body. Its coat is smooth and short haired. The coat is tan, black or fawn in color. The forehead is wrinkled with a curled tail that comes from the pug side. Its ears are like the beagle; they are long and droop at the side. The puggle weighs 15 to 30 pounds on an average and its average height is measured at 13 to 15 inches.

Behavior of puggles: Puggles are pleasant pets. They have an amazing temperament and get along with almost anybody. These dogs are social in nature; they are playful, very sweet and affectionate in nature. The puggles love to cuddle up with people so they make great lap dogs. During this time they prefer to only snuggle and laze, therefore they too have a downtime to their nature. The puggles love to play but retire quickly for a nap. It is great with children and gets along well with other pets. Therefore this dog is the perfect choice for families who want to own one dog. Puggles take the best qualities from their parents, the beagle and the pug. Another advantage of puggles is that they are low maintenance dogs. They do not need special care, only the usual cleanliness like an occasional bath and nail clipping is needed.

Training puggles: Training puggles can take a longer time because of their playful and hyper kind of nature. Puggles are always ready to please therefore they can be trained after consistent effort. There are some puggles who have a habit of howling. This attribute is derived from the beagle side as this is a natural trait seen in hounds.

Health of the puggles: Puggles do not have too many health problems. They are generally healthy dogs. But they do have more problems when compared to the beagle and less when compared to the pug.

Christy Taylor, author, owns her own Puggle and is also an in-house Puggles breeder. For more free information on Puggles, please visit her website at


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