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How to Stop Your Boxer Dog From Jumping in Any Situation

Haydn Tomas

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We all love our boxer dogs to be happy to see us and greet us accordingly when we arrive back home or leave them for a while. However, there are often occasions when we have visitors or go to see other people and it is really quite inappropriate that our dogs treat others by jumping all over them. After all, our friends may be wearing a nice new outfit, it could be that they are frail or elderly, or maybe they simply do not like our animals to greet them in this way.

In order to create good behavior towards you and your friends, your dog needs to be trained to know what is right and wrong and when it is acceptable to conduct him or herself in certain ways.

There are several different methods to choose from when training your dog not to jump up, but before you start with any of the following suggestions, make sure you are not giving your dog mixed messages by encouraging him or her to jump on you one minute and then correcting them the next.

The “Sit" Method

It is likely that one of the first things you have trained your boxer dog to do is to sit on command. You can also use this technique to get the dog to stop jumping up at you. Whenever you are leaving or returning to the dog, before he or she starts to jump up at you, give the command to sit. If the dog obeys you, praise him or her. If the dog takes absolutely no notice of your instruction to sit whatsoever, try any one of the following methods before moving on to the next step of this technique. When your dog has stopped jumping, repeat the sit command and praise the pet when they obey. Your dog will soon learn that sitting is required when goodbyes and hellos are taking place.

Ignore Your Dog

The minute your boxer dog jumps up at you, turn your back and totally ignore him or her, even whilst pawing at the back of your legs or circling around you to catch your attention. Your dog will soon realize that this is not the behavior you want to see and will either sit down, stand still or turn to leave. Immediately this happens, it is the time to praise and pet your dog. At this point, if your pet reverts to jumping again, repeat the whole process. Continue with this approach until your dog realizes that jumping on or at you does not attract the desired attention.

Take Hold of the Paws

Just as your dog jumps up, take a hold of the front paws and keep them at a height where it is necessary for the dog to stand upright on his or her back legs. This type of balance is difficult for a dog to achieve and he or she will soon have trouble supporting themselves, so without pulling the dog unnecessarily, keep a grip in this way for around five seconds, then say a firm “no" and release their paws. If you repeat this procedure every time your dog jumps up at you, your pet will soon learn that this position is not comfortable and will stop the jumping.

The Leg Method

When your boxer dog jumps up at you simply bring your leg up sideways making a gentle connection with the dog's chest and carefully push him back. Praise the dog when the jumping stops.

Each dog has a different motivational level and you may have to try these (and possibly several other methods!) to train your dog not to jump up. However, finding a technique which suits both you and your dog and carrying out instructions on a regular basis, will lead to a well trained pet and a super relationship between the two of you.

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