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Interesting Facts About the Lovable Basset Hound


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Basset hounds can make great pets. Here are a few interesting facts about this interesting dog breed:

Basset hounds are tricoloured (white, black and brown), lemon (pale lemon and white), red and white, and blank red (solid red with a speck of white on the tail tip and feet). They are medium sized, usually reaching between 33-38cm. They also have massive paws and their front feet turn outward slightly to balance the width of the shoulders. Basset Hounds are not for someone who wants a dog that is eager to please and is easily trained. These dogs are intelligent, clever and interested in following their own noses. They can be stubborn!

Basset Hound dogs can acquire arthritis because of their odd bone structure. Activities such as too much running and prolonged up and down jumping can cause dogs to develop arthritis. They are sporting dogs with a keen sense of smell and the ability to cover great distances in a short time. They are often used by sporting enthusiasts to trail hares, rabbits, deer and other game. They have strong ears and these mishaps typically don't cause any damage, though the pup may stop to try to figure out what caused the problem.

Basset hounds are still used to hunt rabbit, but they are more visible in parades than in pursuit of Thumper. They should never be left outside in your yard, unsupervised. Their deep voice carries a LONG way. I learned that one the hard way!

They make great pets, just understand that they are a bit stubborn!

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