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Pugs Training Equipment


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You should keep in mind that your Pug should be at least seven weeks old before you begin your Pug training and more particularly his obedience training. Also remember that it is desirable for you to first of all win over the confidence of your Pug puppy so that he will come to love as well as admire you. However, there is nothing wrong with starting basic training while your Pug is just three to four months old at which time he may be taught to walk properly on a leash and to sit, and even lie down when commanded to do so and also come when called.

Proper Pug obedience training requires exercising patience in making your Pug puppy learn the meaning of each command and in this you can use your hands as also the training leash while using a reassuring voice when getting him to learn a new routine. You need to repeat a word that is associated with a particular act and to also demonstrate repeatedly so that the Pug is able to then connect the word with the desired action.

You need to look for signs that your Pug has begun to connect your commands to their associated actions without need to guide him physically and once this has been accomplished you will then not need to correct his actions. Remember that you need to teach your Pug obedience training by being gentle as well as kind to him rather than being harsh and punitive, and once he shows his understanding you can be a bit stricter so that he does not forget the commands. In any case, you should never slap him while imparting Pug training though praising him when he performs the desired action is recommended.

You can give your Pug a treat when he obeys your commands, but it is not recommended that you always shower him with treats as he can mistake this for being a signal to only obey in order to get a reward, which is not what the correct Pug obedience training is all about. However, praising him whenever he responds correctly to a command is desirable and you can even drill into him the correct behavior so that it becomes well ingrained in him which will then get him to respond to different commands in the appropriate manner.

Pug obedience training is necessary to ensure the physical as well as mental stimulation of your Pug and to also ensure his safety as well as that of others. In particular, you need to first of all teach him the come command that is most important for the Pug puppy to learn because it may actually save his life under certain difficult circumstances. In addition, you need to ensure that Pug training must be a fun experience for the Pug and thus the best way to train him is to keep the training session short as well as intense and to always reward your Pug every time he behaves in the desired manner.

The time that you spend in Pug obedience training will prove to be well worth it because not only will you inculcate desirable behavior in your Pug puppy, but it will also help you develop bonds that bring you close to him as well as strengthens your ties with him and thus you will come to enjoy your time with your Pug a lot more, and vice versa. Besides, the Pug obedience training that involves teaching the Pug common commands such as sit, stay, come, stand and more, you also need to ensure that Pug training teaches the Pug to be socialized properly. And though this aspect is best handled by the breeder you could also continue it once you have brought home your Pug puppy.

Jenny Donaldson has great attachment to dogs and has for long kept, cared, loved and bred all kinds of small breeds. Using the proper Pug training equipment, the right tone of voice and by being patient, you can hope to achieve success easily. Most people turn to reading dog training books when looking to learn more about Pug obedience training though this article too can show them what is necessary for them to succeed with training.


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