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Effective Ways to Cure Ear Infection For Dogs

Paul Kramer

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Ear infection for dogs is a common problem but there is no need to slack off or completely ignore it. Even if it appears to be a simple case of infection, there is a possibility for the infection to develop into a more serious, even life-threatening condition. So take note of tell tale signs of your dog experiencing any form of irritation on its ear.

Before going into details as to how to cure ear infection for dogs, let us first consider how our pets contract this type of infection. Because dogs’ ears are configured in such a way that the parasites and moisture are trapped by the interior canal, they are more prone to allergies and bacteria. Plus, ear wax and bacteria slowly builds up which can cause real damage to your pets’ ears.

As soon as the dog experiences irritation, they tend to scratch the earflap which puts them in a higher risk of attaining more ear damage. Also, it can cause an excessive swelling on the dog's ear once it failed to be treated. Among the common signs are when your dog scratches their ears more often than usual, or if they rub it against your carpet, furniture or other objects. You may also notice that your dog's ears are red or swollen, or when they emit a foul smell.

When you have detected the following symptoms or signs for an ear irritation on your dog, it is best to consult with your veterinarian right away. This will help ensure that proper diagnosis and treatment is applied for your dog's infection. Meanwhile, having your pet examined will also help the vet prescribed the right medication or antibiotics, whether it be topical or oral.

Aside from what your pet doctor has prescribed, you can also follow a handful of home remedies that are effective as well. If the dog's ear has a pink brownish wax in it, then it could be caused by a yeast infection. To treat that, acetic acid or vinegar as a cleaning agent. You may also put a few drops of olive oil onto the dog's ear canal to prevent further infestation of ear mites, or an herbal mixture with mineral oil can keep bacteria and fungi from spreading.

Once the ear infection has started, you can give your dog doses of vitamin C to relieve the inflammation inside the ears. If you are unsure how this is done, or is afraid that you might hurt the dog in the process, you can get your vet to do it for you.

Several over the counter medications are also available such as antibiotics and other flea control treatment that your vet would normally prescribe for your pet. However, you must be aware of any side effects that might occur, depending on how the dog reacts on the treatment received. So, you have to be extra careful before choosing oral treatments or drugs for your pet.

No pet owner wants to see their pets suffer; therefore we should take the initiative to care and look after the needs of our pets. Ear infection for dogs is one of those cases that should not be neglected if you do not want to inflict more harm to your pet's health.

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