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Dog Ear Infection Symptoms and Home Remedies


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Dogs and cats, like humans, are also prone to ear infections. The unlikely buildup of disruptive microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria primarily trigger an infection in the outer ear canal. Mites are also common parasites that feed on the blood vessels of a pet's ear.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

Should you find your pet deliberately scratching its ear or vigorously shaking its head, consider the conduct of tests to confirm the onset of a dog ear infection. Know that when left unattended, ear infections can produce further physiological damage. Symptoms include the excessive flow of ear discharge or a funky odor emanating from the ear which likely indicates bacterial infection and inflammation. Frequent ear infections would come about as a sticky medical condition with the worst case scenario involving the formation of a tumor inside the ear canal. Ear infections that have progressed to this level require immediate treatment to preclude possible loss of hearing and severe complications.

Home Remedies

The upkeep of pet ear health begins at home. A responsible pet owner should be observant of aberrant pet behavior and not be complacent if signs of an infection manifest.

There are particular cleaning solutions that a veterinarian would recommend, including acetic acid (or vinegar) which effectively removes dirt and substances in the ear. Other home remedies include the application of essential oils such as olive oil that is regarded to treat as well as prevent infections from recurring.

How to clean your pet's ears? When cleaning the ears, use a cotton or tissue moistened with the solution and wipe off the ear as carefully as possible. Regular cleaning must be endeavored to sustain the health of your pet's ear.

Trimming off hair from the insides of the ears also helps reduce the chances for bacteria, yeast, or other parasites to attack your pet's delicate ears. Nonetheless, make sure that the pet is steadily tied down during cleaning to prevent any form of resistance from treatment.

Alternative Remedies

A responsible pet owner should also adopt a list of healthy measures to sustain canine ear health and prevent instances of infection. The hygienic practice of removing excessive wax buildup in the ear helps prevent bacterial and yeast infections from occurring. Meanwhile, strengthening the immune system through a boost of vitamin C and a healthy diet will reinforce your pet's resilience against ear pathogens. In the same way, an organic diet will prove to be helpful in keeping the immune defenses robust while sustaining the routine functions of related bodily systems.

Use of antiseptic and antimicrobial herbal remedies can also help support ear health. Marigold and Tea Tree Oil are regarded as natural antiseptics while Rosemary extracts have been observed to strengthen the dermal layer of the skin. All these medicinal benefits are available in the tincture base of PetAlive Ear Dr . This standardized herbal supplement formula promotes ear health through the holistic healing of its symptoms and as a preventative against re-infections.

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