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Help! My Dog Has Diarrhea How to Prevent and Treat Dog Diarrhea

Lee Dobbins

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Dogs actually have a well functioning digestive system and dog diarrhea is, thankfully, not a common experience. But I know that when my dog has diarrhea, I can usually attribute it to something that could be avoided. Some of the common causes of diarrhea in dogs are:

1. Sudden change in diet. If you change your dogs food suddenly, it could cause diarrhea. Makes sense, doesn't it? Your dog is used to eating 1 thing and then all of a sudden a totally different food is in his bowl. His digestive system might need a few days to switch tracks and get used to the new food. Of course, you can avoid this by gradually changing the food - mixing the two together, using less and less of the old food and more and more of the new. This is particularly important with puppies whose digestive systems are very delicate.

2. Worms. Worm can cause diarrhea and is a common cause of it in puppies. If this diarrhea is frothy this usually indicates internal parasites. Get treatment for this at your local Vet.

3. Stress. Stress and mental upset - a long trip or change in daily routine could cause dog diarrhea.

4. Illness. In some cases your dog might just have a virus or illness. Although this doesn't happen in dogs as often as people, you should have your Vet check him out if you suspect this is the case so you can get him the appropriate treatment.

5. Bad food. Spoiled meat can cause diarrhea in a dog just like it can in humans. Please be as picky about what you feed your pet as you are about what you feed your family.

I know when my dog has diarrhea, the most important thing on my mind is how to make it go away. Not only is it uncomfortable for the dog, but it makes a big mess too! While I recommend you get your dog to a vet right away if he has diarrhea, here are some things you could try at home:

1. If the problem is caused by bad food, you might try a bit of caster oil. Sometimes a more drastic effort is requited and you might have to put your pet on a diet of plain rice.

2. You might also try milk thickened with arrowroot.

3. Don't be to quick to put your dog back on his regular food. Continue the rice and milk diet for a couple of days to give his intestines a change to recover.

4. Gradually work your way back towards normal food by including boiled hamburg or white fish boiled in milk in with the rice. If you notice the diarrhea starting up again, go back to the previous level.

When my dog has diarrhea, my first concern is for her health so I always call the Vet right away and you should too. You might have to drag your dog in there for an exam, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Your vet will only be able to recommend a course of action and give out medications after she has seen your dog.

Lee Dobbins is an avid dog lover who has owned many different types of dogs from a 90 pound Shepherd mix to a pure bred Pomeranian. She shares her years of research and experience in an Ebook and newsletter which you can download for FREE at .


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