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How to Stop Dog Jumping Behavior Before Someone Gets Hurt

Lee Dobbins

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Most dogs will tend to jump up and many people theorize that they are simply trying to get closer to us. Be that as it may, a large dog jumping up on anyone - even if he has the best of intentions - can be scary and it's in your best interest to learn how to stop dog jumping behavior before something bad happens.

Since your dog is jumping up to get a better look at you, one way to curtail the behavior is to get down to his level so he has no need to jump. This might work great for you, but what about your neighbor or that stranger you are passing on the street. You certainly don't want your dog jumping up on them so you also need to train your dog is such a way so that you can stop him from jumping on command.

Before you can learn how to stop dog jumping behavior, you need to teach your dog the sit command. Because you will be distracting your dog from jumping by commanding him to sit, he must be well trained to sit when the command is heard. Otherwise, you won't be successful in this training, so if your dog only sits some of the time when you ask him, go back over that training until he obeys you all the time.

For the training, you want to start with your dog standing in front of you. You can tell right away when your dog is about to jump up and what you want to do is watch for the signs. Then when you see that they are thinking about jumping up, order the “sit". If your dog jumps up on you anyway (and he probably will at first) lift your knee up to his chest and firmly give the command “Off". You might be tempted to say down, but that is the command to make your dog lay down and should be used only for that.

Now you don't want to slam your dog so that he goes sprawling - you simply want to gently raise your knee so that the dogs gets a bit off balance thus causing him to drop back down. You see, you are getting him to naturally do the “off" while saying the command. Of course when he gets off, you want to reward him and tell him what as good boy he is. Enough repetitions and he will associate “Off" with getting back down from whoever he is jumping on.

Learning how to stop dog jumping behavior is critical for having a well behaved dog. If your dog jumps up on everyone he meets eventually there is bound to be an unpleasant incident and it can be downright dangerous especially if he knocks over an elderly person or little kid. Taking the time to learn this training might help prevent a lawsuit . . . or something worse . . . as well as insure you have a dog that is a joy to be around.

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