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Does Your Dog Have Psychic Abilities?


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Pet psychics are able to telepathically ‘speak’ with your pet and then translate the information they receive back to you. If you are interested in finding out what your pet feels, what your pet is trying to tell you or even experience closure with a deceased pet by contacting him/her, contact a pet psychic today.

Animals typically know much more than we give them credit for. Some common questions include: How do you feel? Animal psychics enable a person to get in touch with specific qualities found in an animal to which the individual is attracted or feels a deep kinship. Often the nature of the animal represents a trait that the person lacks. Animals talk in thought/feelings (a thought with an emotion attached to it). A lot of animals talk in pictures and some, especially sick animals communicate in physical sensations.

Animals lives have become as ours, very fast paced at times, and so they go through a lot of the anxieties that we do. They are on a time clock and always have been in nature.

Animal communication, or telepathy with animals, is as common an occurrence in some people's lives as it is an oddity in the lives of others. Telepathy is an energetic exchange between two sentient beings for the purpose of communication. Animal communication is done through mental telepathy. Space and distance are not an issue.

Perhaps the best pet psychic to listen to your pooch or kitty is you. Perhaps your cat hides when you start planning a trip to the vet, or maybe your dog runs in circles when you think about going out to play. Is it possible that your pet is reading your mind?

Animal whispering, it seems, is one of those things you are either open to or you are not.

Dog lovers would certainly agree with the age-old statement that a dog is man's best friend. However this statement does not only apply to dogs but also to cats, parakeets, iguanas and even fish. Dogs definitely have souls. That to me is no question.

Dogs seem to be able to sense their owners whereabouts, even if they are miles away. You may have heard of birds who seem to mourn the deaths of those around them.

I think we would all be better off if we would pause and get in tune with our pets thoughts.


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A Quick Guide to Developing Your Own Psychic Abilities
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