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Symptoms of Sick Dog Giardia Symptoms in Dogs

Daniel Molano

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If your dog has had any contact with dirty soil and/or potentially contaminated water you might expect the symptoms of sick dog. If you see your dog can't stay still, has diarrhea and lost many pounds, then you should be concerned. The combination of the above is a classic case of Giardiasis. Don't worry, in this article I will tell you all about the giardia symptoms dog and how you can learn to fight against it.

Giardia are small parasites, that while some canines are only carriers and are not affected by them, in some dogs they can cause very complicated illness and you should know how to treat your dog immediately.

I will not go too deep into the technical and medical details, but basically when your dog takes in these parasites, found in dirty water and other polluted material, they will go into the victims organism and release a more advanced parasite called trophozoite.

Giardia Symptoms Dog

It is very important that you are able to identify symptoms of sick dog with this disease, as taking your dog to the vet is not enough, it must be taken care of right away by yourself. If the feces of your dog is greasy and soft with some mucus, that indicates the swelling of the large intestine, which means there is Giardia present. Anemic symptoms may also appear.

The problem with Giardiasis is that it can cause sudden death in your dog or puppy if you are not able to identify it right away, taking him to the vet might not be enough. . .

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