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Is a Home Made Dog Food Recipe Better Than Commercial Dog Food?


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In a world of easy and quick convenient solutions, stressful work and bustling busy lives we tend to go with the easy option when it does not seem to have negative effects on us. This attitude though understandable has serious repercussions when we are talking about dog food as we abandon a wholesome home made dog food recipe form the easy convenient canned food we get with all the rest of our shopping.

You see, commercial dog food may look appetizing on their advertisements and our canine friends lap it up with enough enthusiasm sometimes to make it seem like it is the greatest thing they have ever tasted! The problem with commercial dog food however is that it is so much less nutritional than a home made dog food recipe because of cost cutting and lax standards in production that something you make yourself will of course never have as long as you know how to make good dog food.

Big dog food companies do know what makes good dg food mind you, but in the interests of bulking out their product and their profits they skimp on important ingredients and put more “filler" ingredients that have little nutritional value. Along with this they are often made in places like China and India where there have been many known contaminations that have produced toxic food that has killed many pets all over the country.

With this in mind we have to ask ourselves, do we take the easy route and buy off the shelf dog food that may contribute to an early demise for your dog or do we take a more difficult and slightly more expensive path using a home made dog food recipe that can increase their health and well- being adding years to their life span and be happier for it? The choice is ours to make.

If you want proof of the callous, cost cutting attitude by dog food companies and 5 simple things you must do to protect your dog from death-by-disease click below to find out one mans answer to his faithful hounds demise and how by making his own dog food he can make sure it never happens again.

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Recipes for Home Made Dog Food
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