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Dogs in the Heat

Evangeline Samuel

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Yes, my title was intentional. I am talking about the high temperatures in July and as we go into August. The temperatures are in the 3 digits. You feel hot and want to stay indoors with the air conditioner full blast.

How is your dog doing? Have you paid attention to the coat of your dog? Have you trimmed their coat for the summer. One great way we all try to cool down is to get in the pool. Kate, my ‘grandpuppy’ was here over the weekend.

It was really hot in the house, because the air conditioner was not working very well. We all had a hard time sleeping. I noticed that Kate was very restless, and when she did lie down her breathing was very forceful, as if she was sobbing. She really enjoyed being in the pool with us, and ran around the pool to cool down afterward. So what can we do when your dog is feeling too hot?

  • Make sure there is water for your dog to drink, because they get very thirsty. You can tell if they are thirsty when their tongues hang out and their breathing is heavy.
  • It would not hurt to add a few pieces of ice in the water
  • Take your dog in the pool with you.

    Be sure that the pool does not have a heavy amount of chlorine. Chlorine hurts the eyes f your dog.

  • Notice if your dog is having fun in the pool. After they get out, let them run around the pool so they can dry off.

    Running allows the air to circulate inside their coats. It works like a fan.

  • There are cooling dog mats with foam that has special crystals that will keep your dog cool if soaked in cold water, and keep them warm when soaked with hot water.
  • If you have tile, ceramic or wood flooring, dogs may feel cooler lying on them
  • Make sure the room your dog stays in during the day is cool and maybe even a fan will really help keep them cool. If your dog stays in a crate during the day this would really help keep them cool
  • If you keep your dog outside, give them shade and try to get them inside or at least a patio that is well ventilated and have a fan to help keep them cool.

The rule of thumb to know if your dog is hot is, if you are feeling hot and thirsty, you dog will too.

Protect your dog and keep them cool. Dogs love us unconditionally, but should we not take good care of them so they are as comfortable as we are?

Evangeline Samuel PhD owns Puppydazzles that offers you Stylish dog clothes , because you deserve to have the best for your dog.


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