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Pet Strollers - Tips to Assure Your Dog Loves a New Pet Stroller

Jackie Lee

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Are you considering purchasing a pet stroller for your dog? Are you concerned they just might not like it? Most people will find their dogs adjust quickly to their pet strollers, but if you are concerned your dog might not be so quick to warm up, don't worry! Here are some easy tips to make sure your dog will adjust to and learn to love his or her new pet stroller:

* Pet Strollers are to be used outside. So make sure you only use your pet stroller for going outside. You want your pet should associate the pet stroller with the enjoyment of being outside rather than with being confined indoors. Never use your pet stroller to confine you dog for being naughty. If your pet enjoys being outside they will quickly learn to like the pet stroller because it will signal the fact they are going outside.

* Leave your pet stroller out in the open, in a common area where your dog feels comfortable. This will allow your dog to investigate their new pet stroller on their own. Leave a couple pet snacks inside. Leaving your dog a few doggie treats will make your pet comfortable, excited even, to go back in later. Let your dog explore the pet stroller and get to the treats inside. Once they comfortable enough to take a nap it won't be long before they are comfortable enough to take a ride. Just make sure to lock the pet stroller wheels so your poor dog doesn't roll away when they jump in. If they jump in and it rolls away that could set the process back quite a bit.

* Reward your dog with a treat the first few times you use the pet stroller. There's nothing dogs love more than treats. If they begin to associate the pet stroller with something they love they will begin to love the stroller.

* The first few times you use your pet stroller try to go to calm and quiet places. Your dog will be working on getting used to the pet stroller, don't give them a huge crowd to deal with too. Once your dog has adjusted to the new pet stroller it will be a perfect way to take them to busy places, like festivals or even the mall.

* Be patient with your dog. It may take some time for him to adjust. If you get frustrated by his lack of love for his pet stroller he will be able to feel it. If he feels you are frustrated or angry with him he will associate that with the new stroller making it even more difficult for him to begin to love it.

* As with anything new to a pet it may take a couple times for them to adjust. Be patient and understanding, and make sure you use a happy tone of voice when you are talking to your dog about his new pet stroller. It may take a couple trips, but your dog will soon realize their pet stroller is fun!

If you are still looking to get your first or second stroller for your pet, learn which of the many available pet strollers is best for you and your pet. Information and reviews available at


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